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… her persona was the epitome of fun…..what an absolute pleasure… an exquisite companion….she’s worth it

The adrenaline rush….to know those lines were said for me.
Here are some of my personal experiences on how I maintain a healthy balance with escorting and my overall wellbeing, so there is an optimum pleasure state of mind.

So here we go…

Over a busy couple of days recently, I have thoroughly enjoyed the appointments that have come my way. The pleasure of re-connecting with a lover again will always warm my heart and soul. An established connection, picking up where we left off, getting lost in the moment is something that will continue to ignite my inner desires of giving pleasure. I truly feel blessed.

I love being busy but I ensure I remain grounded too. Self love, being positively energised and taking care of myself are just as important to me. Of course I love the perks of enjoying the finer things in life. I am now able to invest in a good personal trainer, someone who drives and pushes me to break a sweat. I find this helpful for me to stay focussed and invigorated. And must I add the adrenaline rush after a sweaty workout is a feeling I can best describe only as a different kind of orgasm!

My love of Netflix movies, my passion for music are my activities of relaxation. My recent purchase of a laptop is what I like to call a Gratitude Token. And sleep. It’s the ultimate luxury for me, especially in a warm, soft and comfortable bed wrapped luxuriously with sheets made of a zillion thread counts. I have a mantra every night, I tell myself, “sleep baby sleep”. I then sleep like a baby and I dream happy dreams.

Inspiration has been my strength and my best friend. I have made sure to never focus my energies on the monetary gains that could easily tempt me to become enamoured only by dollar signs and allowing me to forget my own self worth by greed.

As much as I love spending time with building cherished connections with my regular lovers I also ensure I make time for me in order to stay grounded and focussed. It is only when I have total syncronisation with my wellbeing that I am able to visualise my dreams and pursue the lifestyle I have always wanted. One that is filled with the freedom to be independent, to be able to manage my own time which involves my favourite part of the booking arrangement – getting dressed up for an upcoming special event and date nights. These times are most special to me as it is a contribution to my wellbeing.

This balanced harmony I live day to day is what becomes Katrina, a companion who loves new adventurous, raw sexual passion filled with desire and where mutual fantasies are satisfied. It encourages the beginnings of a thrilling sexual energy in the room especially when I see the cheeky twinkle in his eye whilst pouring us our glasses of Moèt…..

Happy days.
Love and light from Katrina xoxoxo

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