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She has a way with words,
Red Lipstick and Making an entrance….. Kate Spade

Life is Breathtakingly Beautiful right at this very moment. This is my first journal entry and surely I am super excited. I am going to pen in my thoughts to this magnificent world of escorting. Firstly let me tell you I have no inhibitions about my profession; it completely super charges me. Well I could even say right now in this present time I am in total zen mode and in my “vibrational escrow”!

After a so called perfect marriage that failed I slowly began to enjoy my freedom and the life of being single. I started to date guys, had all kinds of experiences both good and bad. I realised I wasn’t getting anything out of it. I was giving my valuable time, my body and made every effort to look beautiful and glamorous for a night out for nothing in return. Thats when it hit me like a ton of bricks…..

……… Katrina was looking at herself in the mirror, talked to herself and it dawned upon her that it is time to unfold that burning desire and turn the power to work in her favour……

Since that divine intervention I never looked back. That burning desire that I carefully tucked away somewhere in my subconscious came alive, the passion, the seductress in me was was waking up like a raging goddess. Oh yesss!

Ok I do admit it is not for everybody. Even in this modern tech age our society controls human perceptions and there is some stigma associated to my profession. I am not here to dwell on negative thoughts. This is after all my pet journal and I love every single moment being an High End Escort.

I just had a feeling what came to me naturally and already inside of me were the right set of skills. And with some excellent guidance I am mastering it. Every experience leads to a new experience. I always knew I had it from a young age right from my late teens. I found as I grew up people around me always commenting on how they admired my mesmeric dreamy eyes, my luscious full lips and my body; with some who even considered me as ‘The Package’.

I secretly knew that I wanted to make men happy and be surrounded by ambience, luxury and then walk away feeling confident of a marvellous job well done in making him happy, my burning desire; and so it is.

Of course there will always be an element of curiosity before any booking, nerves etc. I am only human. But I set this straight by looking the part or dress up as per the request of my client. The thrill of being a high end escort is the best feeling. The fact that right from the time I walk into the hotel room and see the wonderful gentleman waiting for me is in itself an exhilarating feeling. My only goal in mind is to make them feel special, wanted, show courtesy and create an atmosphere that is ultimately relaxed. It’s not always sex, its companionship, a few laughters, having a conversation and to sum it up “a time to smell the roses in life after a busy day”

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