escort diary of Katie Sinclaire

Secret self

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I have heard clients say "I have never done that with anyone before" or "I never even knew that was what I wanted".
Sometimes it takes until we actually meet until I find out what their real desires are, why they actually chose me over all the other stunning girls on this site.
Sometimes it's a comment or a subtle change in expression following one off-hand comment or a quiver following a caress

So why is it we're so shy to explore our real fantasies?
I think that sometimes it's a genuine lack of awareness of what really turns us on but sometimes it is fear of judgement.
Who am I to judge? I have been fortunate enough to realise one of my secret and forbidden fantasies; that being to become an escort and discovered so much about my own self and turn ons- I love the power dynamics of sex...I would describe myself as a genuine switch....I am turned on playing the dominating mistress as much as the naughty school girl...I love latex.....I'm am exhibitionist and just love to be watched....
It is an incredible turn on for me to share the intimacy of sharing these secret fantasies and to see the ecstasy in someone's face

Nothing much shocks me but by being open and genuinely interested and intrigued in other people I have been blessed to be trusted with these intimate details.
so don't be shy, I would love to be the one to explore this secret self with you
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