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Aaah . . the older gentleman. You are my favourite. You’ve done all those stupid things that younger men do and you’re over it. Now you know what you want, you’re happy to pay for it, and you know also that its not always just about putting your bits into my bits: its about Quality Time (even if that time involves putting your bits into my bits).

You’re not afraid of conversation because you know how to have one. You’re not afraid to spend some of our valuable time together just talking, because you know that talking honestly and openly is a rare and wonderful thing. And you’re not afraid to ask for what you want, because by now you either really KNOW what you like, or you know that life is short and there’s no point being shy.

You’re polite, because you’ve lived long enough to learn to be polite in business, even if that’s not the way you are at home.
And you understand that business IS business, which is nice.

But let me tell you some things that about yourself that maybe no-one has ever said to you before:

You might be insecure, because you know you’re older. You worry that even though you’re paying for my company, that you might be not hot enough or fit enough for me.
You might have Erectile Dysfunction, which rears (or doesn’t rear) its head just when you need everything to work.
You might have a bit of a tummy. Or a lot of a tummy. You might wheeze and cough because you’re out of shape or you’ve smoked all your life.
You might just feel like an “old man” and that what you’re doing is a little inappropriate for your age.

Well . . . stop it.
Let me tell you that, from my point of view, there’s no such thing as too old or too fat or too ugly or too unresponsive. These are all just constructs we have in our brain, measures by which we judge ourselves - usually unfairly.
You’re a human. You’re a person. You’ve lived a long life. That life might be filled with happiness or tragedy or banality or extraordinary talent or all of the above, but, whatever the skin it is wrapped in, your MIND is who you are.

In all honesty, I don’t see “body”. I see mind. I see humour and humility and exploration and your desire to keep doing the things that you did as a younger man. Sure, you might have wrinkles and body fat (hey, I’m in my 40s so I can’t exactly claim perfection here either, though I DO try), but so what? These are what inevitably comes with age, after a time.

I know that I’m in no hurry to give up MY sexuality and the fun that I have, and I wouldn’t expect someone in their sixties to be, either. In fact, the older man who’s still keen to keep going well after what most younger people would consider to be an expiry date, is a total turn-on for me. Mostly because I plan to be still going there when I’m two decades older too.

So don’t let anyone tell you (and don’t even THINK) that you have to stop having fun because of your age. Maybe you don’t want to see the twenty-something girls, or even the thirty-something girls, but there’s ladies out there who are closer to your age, closer to your intellect, and completely un-judgemental about you, because we understand (more than the young things), just how real aging is, and how mortal we all are.

So have your fun without judging yourself. Enjoy your life. Take what you can get while you can because, one day, these things will be denied you. So get out there now and smile!


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