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The connection is the Thing

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The most important part of sharing time with a client is not the sex. The sex is great, don't get me wrong, but the REAL thing is the connection. I want to know who I'm sharing my time with: I get your head shot before we meet so I can connect with you physically; and over drinks I find out in a very general sense what you do, who you are, and why you're with me. Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to spend time with an escort, and if you're prepared to go to that effort and expense, then I want to make very sure that I'm there for you in every way.

If I know WHY you're with me, gentlemen, then I can provide what you need. Sometimes (in fact, most times), its the chance to offload your problems. Yes, you will get the fabulous sexual experience you're so keenly seeking (and by God I enjoy that), but we all know that once you've reached the end point, there is that delightful wind down (hopefully before the next build-up). This is when you can relax, share your innermost thoughts and issues, and generally get the kind of sympathetic ear you just won't find in your real life. It a completely confidential space in which there is no judgement or condemnation . . . you can just be yourself.

Sex is a wonderful leveller, and the older you get, the more you understand this. In your teens and early twenties its ALL about getting as much as possible. In your thirties its about exploring your boundaries. In your forties and above, you've hopefully learned a few things, but sadly, by then, your life partner has often waned in her enthusiasm, or you have no-one to share your drive with. So you seek sex elsewhere, and you come to us, the professional who can provide what you need.

You're a busy man, with all the pressures of your work and life, and if you're lucky, you have friends who can share some of your burdens. But even then, you might not want to tell all. With an escort, all cards can be on the table. You've already given yourself over to her, in a sense, so you know you're in a safe space to keep going. Whatever you tell her, she won't share. Your darkest fantasies, your work dramas, your family life, your hopes and fears . . . all these can be safely shared and stored away in the sanctity of her professional code.

And this is where the quality escort will shine. She can take what you tell her and help you sort through the maze of your life. She can genuinely offer an ear, or even, her advice, if she feels she might be able to give you another perspective. She can leave you feeling validated and satisfied on every level: sexually, emotionally, practically and spiritually.

And when all is said and done, depending on the escort and the time, perhaps you get that second time around, free of your concerns and your anxieties, free to just enjoy the moment and let loose your inner man.

And that wonderful freedom is what happens when an escort makes a genuine connection with YOU, the person. It's the thing that I personally look forward to most.

Katherine Chase

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