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Losing your Virginity ... To an Escort

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When I was 17, a good friend of mine asked me if he could lose his virginity to me. He knew I'd just ended a two year relationship and that I'd been sexually active for a year. He was hoping to go out with a particular girl, but he didn't want to have to admit to her that he was a virgin, so he wanted to shed what he considered to be a huge weight.
I said I would help (we were pretty good friends), so I went around to his house, had a shower with him and we went to bed. It didn't take long, and it was great fun. When he was finished he fist-pumped the air in excitement - the deed was done and he was a free man!

I'm not sure that everyone views virginity as such a problem, but for some, it does become increasingly painful to have to admit to it, especially as you age through your teens into early twenties and beyond. If you have strong moral or religious reasons for staying that way (and are surrounded by a community who shares the same views), its easy and acceptable to retain your virginity for the right person.

But if you're a regular guy who perhaps suffers from shyness or anxiety and just can't either get a date or progress to the point of sexual contact with a girlfriend, your virginity can become increasingly worrisome, to the point where it begins to affect any relationship you attempt. You might be afraid of your awkwardness, afraid to admit that you've never been with a girl, uncertain of what to do or even where to begin.

And that's when your thoughts turn to a professional. To a woman who can, completely without judgement, take you under her wing and ease you through that first time. She won't judge you, in fact, perhaps compared two some of her clients, she'll be overjoyed to have your polite company. And while you nervously approach your first real sexual experience with trembling hands and fluttering heartbeat, she'll kindly and surely guide you. And if you're lucky, she'll give you a wonderful guide to how to approach a girl when its time for you to experience sex inside a relationship.

If this is something you're thinking of, choose your escort carefully. Don't go to a brothel late one night, drunk and determined to do something about it. Look for the escort who won't "act" the event, or overdo it, or for whom you're just another job. Find someone who seems genuine and wants to help.

When you lose your virginity, you WILL remember it forever. So get it right the first time.


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