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You wanted to hide yourself from her. For you knew the affect she would have on you, and the danger it would mean for both of you. But you always liked danger, and seeing those curves of hers, you couldnt stay away, you wanted only one thing now, her. All you wanted was to slip your hand on her, grab her gently on her waist, then pull her quickly towards you, your lips finding her lips, your tongue partying her lips and matching her perfectly and passionately as your hand continued its exploring of her. Cupping and squeezing her breasts with one hand, while the other just trailed lightly down along her back, drawing soft moans from her. Your lips start to attack her neck, biting its way all around it, making the moans louder, while finally sliding its way up, nibbling at her ears as she whispers, 'im going to make your whole body moan'

Her lips were exotic and magical, but it came with its fair warnings. For as soon as your lips touched hers, you became entrapped in them. Kissing her lips, biting them softly, then kissing her hungrily. sucking on her soft neck, licking and biting, leaving your marks as your fingers trailed down her front, unbuttoning her shirt to linger over her breasts. Teasing her nipples with your fingers, while your lips made sure she knew of your intentions. Your fingers trailed down her front and spread her legs wide, and as your lips came down her neck, sucking on her nipples and nibbling at them, your fingers spread apart her even more exotic lips inside of her thighs, she is already dripping for you. Sucking on her nipples, rolling your tongue over them, while your fingers played with fire inside of her, brushing past her pussy again and again, teasing her, making her ready for you, then finally going in. Oh how your tongue wants to taste her wet pussy.....

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