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Ever have a girlfriend that you wished would let go of her inhibitions and be that wild girlfriend you fantasize about. The woman who tells you how bad she needs to feel you insider her. Who wants you to grab her hair in a raw moment of passion. Who drops to her knees when you walk in the door. Did you feel dumb trying to role play a fantasy cause you felt foolish? Or perhaps you were too embarrassed to express some of your deep carnal desires to your girlfriend.

This is why I have my Wild Girlfriend Experience. It's thrilling and never put on. I don't like the term porn star experience. Whilst I enjoy porn vids, the over the top fake moans and forced sexual concepts rarely appeal to me. I hit that bookmark tab when I find a clip that is hot and real. Real orgasm, real passion, real kink - they exist but hard to find. I'm often asked, what do YOU like to do? My Wild GFE includes play that I do enjoy. With that enjoyment comes my authentic experience. When I'm turned on, my body responds. I get wet, my breathing deepens, quickens, my lips start to swell with excitement. I get a twinkle of deviance in my eyes. My inhibition is no where to be found I want to push our boundaries of pleasure, not just for you but for me too. I enjoy the time together, I'm not looking at the clock. This my dear is why I am a low volume worker, because the level of intensity is sky high. I can't do that level of service multiple times a day or week. I give you my all during our time together. I have always been a quality over quantity person, it's my style.

I want you to indulge in the experience you crave when you see me. To gain experience trying things you were to embarrassed or scared to try before. Maybe it's a kink, a role play, maybe it's just a more action packed interaction. Love sexy talk? It comes out naturally during my Wild GFE experience and you'll love it, I know I do. As a dancer my body knows how to move, you'll love feeling this movement while inside me, these hips don't lie! Don't get me started on Greek, it's something I truly love. It stimulates my gspot in just the right places, i've squirted from it before. My moans are different. And yes, I'm a genuine squirter. Maybe you've never had a deeper style of oral performed on you. Trust me, there's GFE b*job then there's Wild GFE b*job....! You just might pass out experiencing the difference. But hey, don't take my word for it, read my testimonials, ;-)

I can be your wild girlfriend, if you will be my wild boyfriend!

Besos, Josefina xx

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