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I am quite a diverse person. I love so many different aspects of life (business, pleasure, friends, family, nature, creativity/arts). One thing I can never resist, is to help others. I get so much joy from doing this. Life isn't always perfect, just like everyone I have my great days and my bad days with challenges and hurdles. But one area that always makes me feel amazing is my sex work. It's such a misunderstood career, so many people think workers are exploited but that just isn't the case. For me it's so fulfilling and empowering, I'm a very educated woman and love having this as part of my career portfolio. I put so much into my service, I have a high standard for how I want my client's experience to be. I thoroughly enjoy bringing pleasure to my client, sharing laughs together, treating them to experiences they may never have had the opportunity to explore. In return, my clients want this to be a mutually enjoyable time together and it is. Yes it's work, just like everyone has to work, we all have to earn our living but it's rewarding work and by no means demeaning. I wish the stigma of sex work could disappear but sadly it never will. I am grateful for the delightful clients I've experienced and the wonderful mutual respect we have for each other. Also to my dear friends in & out of the industry for their ongoing support. Sending lots of love & thanks to all of you!! Besos, Josefina xo

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