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A Day in Spain, a story of Mediterranean Escapades

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Can you be ready just before 7am he asked. That is when I will arrive for you he said. A night owl, the thought was provoking, can I do it? Will I be late, what if I turn my alarm off by accident. I am pretty reliable when it comes to being on time to see my clients. The motivation turned out to be easier than I thought. Days earlier we sat mesmerized together at my Spanish apartment sipping vino under the spoils of Mediterranean blue skies, between lavish kisses and stories. I see you again to the beach. His Spanish accent was cute and alluring, his broken English easy to understand. You are so sexy, such a woman I want to show you my country. You make me feel alive, primal, I feel a complete man with you sexy mujer he says. I will call you to organize.

I thought maybe it was something being said, in the heat of the moment. As our time together was exciting and explosive, drawing out carnal desires within ourselves. I am not apologetic for the passion and desire I feel, only that it can take over and sparks my cravings for more. Yes I can be greedy when it comes to physical interaction that is enjoyed with my clients, for it is natural and enriching.

Since that day i'd been daydreaming about a prospective day out on the Spanish southern coast. Warmth of the sun and sea, delightful morsals of jamon, cheese, fruit and wine. Kisses and touches knowing it must be kept in control when in the presence others. Public displays of affection are much different there compared to other countries, it's culturally significant The Spanish want to show the entire world the passion they feel for each other. What other cultures view as 'get a room', the Spanish perspective is our desire and feelings are so strong, everyone should know. In all honesty, I had a new level of voyeurism show itself in me from my 2 month stay there.

We stopped for coffee, sit down and enjoy coffee. None of this 'to go' experience, coffee is a ritual where people interact and share the experience together unrushed. He loved the attention he was getting as the older men all watched him with great envy having this woman by his side. I whispered to him, these men are looking at us, is anything wrong? He laughed loudly saying they are admiring your beauty for I am the lucky man here. I smiled, feeling bashful. We grabbed the meats, wine & produce and off we went for the final drive to the day's sandy destination.

It was just as I had imagined, refreshing warm swims after basking in the sunshine. Kisses and touching brought to dangerously arousing levels, how i loved his lips along my neck, my nipples hard pressing against his chest. Our exploring discovered a hidden grotto like area, some very tantalizing interactions were snuck in here. Even for Spanish culture, this was pushing acceptable public affections boundaries. Exciting and hot, the sun wasn't the cause for the rising temperatures. All resulting in taking some time to get out of the water. Well for him, not me! Luckily we woman do not have the obvious states of arousal men do.

A treat to be taken away for a day's booking to a magical and beautiful location. Experiencing the Mediterranean culture each and every stop along the way. When I was dropped off, we had time for one last coffee I prepared, and a grinding farewell that left a big smile on each of our faces. Could it end any better, no it couldn't have.

Next chapter ..... City explorations, hand in hand.

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