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I Value You - My Values as a Private Companion

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I Value You - My Values as a Private Companion

This is my first escort diary, thank you for taking the time to read it. I'd like to talk about the values that are most important to me, personally and professionally.

* Firstly and most importantly, I don't discriminate anyone based on appearance, sexual experience, nationality, physical ability or other wise. As long as an individual is kind and respectful that is all I require. I have a personal motto, "have a heart that knows no hate" that I strive to live by in every moment and every situation.

* It's all about enjoyment. I understand that booking a date is about fun, an experience, emotional and sexual exhilaration, entertainment and exotic escape, one that I am only too happy and honoured to provide for you. There are more reasons than I could easily list for the reasons why a man may seek an escorts company, but at the end of the day it's about creating lasting fond memories and smiles that last long after the time is over.

* I understand that while great sex can be a key or sole reason for men seeking escort services, it is often not the only reason and occasionally not the most important. A genuine connection, feeling comfortable in a companions company, common interests, and true intimacy is often just as important and a key reason many men seek services. I've used the line "more than just sex" and I most enjoy providing both, sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy, but I am also comfortable providing exclusively either when desired or required, our time should be spent how you would most enjoy it, and when I see a client happy and enjoying themselves, that's when I'm most fulfilled and enjoying myself also.

* You are an individual, what you enjoy is what makes you - you. Not everyone likes the same things, that's the beauty of the world and the beauty human nature and individuality. The experience one seeks may not be what you will enjoy most. I encourage you to let me know what you like most, from makeup, to outfit, to service or anything else at all that will make a date perfect for you, of the many things I can do, reading minds is not yet one of them, but I'm working on it.

* How far does a conceited attitude get one in life? Not very far, at least that's my option. Appearance is of varying importance to many that I speak to, while they agree that there must be some attraction of some kind. I understand that looks are icing on a cake, but you couldn't eat a cake made only of icing. I build the rest of my cake with large quantities of genuineness, generosity, positivity, unique life experiences, care, compassion and a few rainbow sprinkles of fun.

* I always endeavour to be presented in my best and most appropriate fashion for which a situation may call for, if we are to meet in public I err on the side of discrete classy or corporate (think modest heels, dress and blazer) however should you have a different request I'm happy to oblige.

* I know when to make the right call. Unfortunately, we all get unwell, if I am unwell I will not push through and see you on our date. I know that if I am unwell or tired, I can not give my best to you, and that's important to me. If I become unwell and we have a scheduled date, I will try to reschedule and if this isn't possible then I return all payment/deposit received in full.

* On the topic of health, I take all possible measures in regards to my sexual health testing. I have throat and vaginal swabs every 3-4 weeks and bloods about 2-3 months. A swab test is for bacterial stds, and monthly is suffice and medically recommended. Blood tests, test more so for viral stds, and can take up to 3 months to show on a test, therefore 3 monthly is what's medically recommended and suffice. I do all I can with in my power to ensure I am healthy for you. I also ask if you feel unwell before a date that I am made aware and we reschedule, I am very understanding in this regard and appreciate the consideration for my health and also for my other clients.

* Non judgement. To listen to your requests without judgement. I am in the industry of fantasy, I will not judge you for yours, the shoe may not fit, the service I may not offer, but I will gladly indulge you if I can, and if not i can likely point you in the right direction. Understandably, there are times I am not comfortable or confident to take a booking, and if I am not both comfortable and confident then I will respectfully pass, not only for my comfort, but because I know that is what's best for the both parties.

* I understand that rest is important, I do not over work myself so I can give you my very best, and also take into consideration the load that my personal and study engagements may weigh so that I am entirely sure I can be completely focused and present in our time together.

* My own happiness is important. I am a people person. I enjoy intimacy, adventures, companionship and yes, I am a sexual woman and I like sex. I am happy in the job I do. The moment I am not happy, I know that I couldn't make others happy and it would be time to walk away. My own happiness is a key part of delivering the best I can.

* I genuinely care for, respect and am fond of many of the clients I have met, they are truly inspirational people and I have a special place in my heart for them and they have made lasting impressions that I will always remember and have become part of my personal journey. I value you, your experience and your time with me as I truly enjoy it too.

Thank you for reading and thank you to all the wonderful people that I've met and for being a positive experience in my journey. To those I haven't met yet, I hope we share some core values, if we do, I eagerly look forward to our first meeting in the future.

Till then,

Lots of love,


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