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Hi fellas,

For many of you, seeing your chosen escort is an extra special treat that you only get to indulge in every so often... An exciting escape that rewards you for the responsibilities and stresses that you shoulder on a daily basis. I know that some of you may wish you had the time (or money) to delve into that fantasy world more often. Well for those of you who are between bookings and are patiently awaiting your next delicious encounter, I like to write little stories that might help tide you over.

Below is a short excerpt from my latest piece...

~ ~ ~

"He leaned in for a kiss, but lingered just a centimetre away from my lips. As our breath intertwined, our heady passion grew with each heartbeat that passed. The air was charged with anticipation. Before our lips could touch he spun me around and pressed his already rock-hard erection into the small of my back. He restrained my arms by my sides and told me not to move. “Close your eyes,” he whispered in my ear. So I did as I was told.

I felt him place a blindfold over my eyes before leading me by the hand and pushing me up against the kitchen bench. At my ankles, I felt him nudge my feet apart to widen my stance. I could barely stand upright in my heels as he traced his hands up the inside of my calves and thighs. My knees threatened to buckle underneath me as his touch quite literally made me weak. I felt him pull the belt of my trench coat undone. With painstaking precision and patience, he then ever-so-slowly lowered the zip of my coat. I felt the soft fabric slide off my shoulders and into a heap on the floor, leaving my bare breasts now completely exposed to him. They felt heavy and achy, in desperate need of his touch. But Mr B delighted in making me wait. With parted lips and baited breath, I stood naked in the kitchen wearing nothing but my heels, waiting for what was to come."

~ ~ ~

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Thanks for reading, lovers!

Sweet dreams,
Jenna xxx

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