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Jenna's Guide to Pleasuring a Woman Part 2: The Don'ts

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1) Don't shove your whole face in.
Going down on a girl takes finesse and skill. As mentioned above, you want to focus on the clit, not the hole. And as with all forms of foreplay, the "build up" is key. It's a sensitive area which can be overloaded quickly if bombarded by too much sensation. This will cause a girl to become either numb or hypersensitive. There's almost always no cumming back from there (pun intended). So start slow and ever so gentle, then gradually build up the pressure and speed. Do not eat me out like it's your last meal. It's a delicate area and should not be approached with ferocity or aggression (no matter how excited you are). Do not shove your entire lips, chin, beard, moustache and nose into my vagina. That's overkill. Less is more. 

2) Don't shave in the morning if you are preparing for a night of passion ahead.
Women appreciate a little manscaping, a nice trim to tidy things up. But shaving your chest or pubic hair too close to the main event can leave us feeling like we've just tousled with a cactus. Hopefully you're lucky enough to have a woman between your legs with soft supple skin. Be careful not to decorate that skin with an angry-looking stubble-rash.

3) Don't be a Dyson.
Do not attempt to suck or bite her lips or nipples off. They bruise easily and remain sore for a long time. Be gentle with the delicate areas of a woman. Remember that we are more fragile than your big strong manly self.

4) Don't poke around looking for gold.
The number 1 most common thing men are doing wrong in the bedroom is fingering! And the repercussions for us ladies are simply the worst. So much so, that many escorts are afraid to offer digit penetration on their list of services. Just a few minutes of unskilful fingering from a client can be a horrific experience for us, leaving us so sore that we're off work for days (which of course costs us money).  I can only assume that porn is to blame for giving men the idea that their haphazard and brutal fingering technique is actually what women want. Let me speak for women everywhere when I say we absolutely do not enjoy being punched repeated in the pussy with your fingers. And I know you're probably thinking "but a vagina can take a pounding from a dick and be just fine." Well yes, but fingers, while often shorter and narrower than a penis, can actually do far more damage. Dicks are just the epitome of fine design: they're smooth and rounded, hard inside with a soft outer sheath. Fingers however, have knobbly knuckles and jagged nails and joints at all angles. Fingers must be wielded with dexterity and care. Here's a quick lesson in the advanced art of fingering: Use lube. Go slow. Insert one finger at a time. Go slow. Make curving patterns, not jabbing motions. Go slow. Do not stab in and out like Woody the Woodpecker. And finally... Go slow!

5) Don't pressure me.
It goes without saying, if a woman says she is not up for something, never pressure her (this goes for escorts, girlfriends, one-night-stands, and everyone in between). You should feel free to express your fantasies and desires with your partner, but 'no' means 'no.' Encounters with escorts are not exempt from this rule. Just because you've paid for her time, does not mean you own her body. And if a woman says no to a particular sexual act, do not waste your breath trying to persuade her otherwise. Do not tell her that although she didn't enjoy something in the past, she will enjoy it with you because you are magical and special and different. Trust that she knows her own body better than you do, she has lived in it long enough so she is the expert in it after all. Some things are just not on the menu. You need to accept that and move on so you can enjoy the many delicious things that are on the menu. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my first two diary entries. Now go out and deliver waves and waves of orgasms to the deserving ladies of Perth! Tell them Jenna sent you ;)

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