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A Night with Jenna and Jade

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It's Friday night and Jenna and Jade help each other get zipped up into their tight little black dresses. They slip into their heels and throw a few toys, a handful of condoms and some other naughty things into their handbags before heading out the door. As they make the short drive to the hotel, they chat excitedly about the night ahead: What will he look like? What is he into? How big is his.... The girls' lace panties are starting to get damp just thinking about it.

They knock on the door and Mr J greets them with a warm smile. After admiring the gorgeous view and getting to know each other briefly over a glass of bubbly, it's time to get down to business. Jade and Jenna begin to slowly undress each other, unclipping their bras and slipping off their panties. Jade takes one of Jenna's tight rosy nipples into her mouth and teases it with her tongue. Tormented by her desire for more, Jenna tilts Jade’s face up to hers and they share a deep passionate kiss. As their sweet tongues are mingling together, Mr J feels his erection pressing hard against his trousers, straining to be free. The anticipation is agonising. The girls’ naked bodies saunter over to him, their soft breasts bouncing with each step. Jenna walks around him like a lioness eyeing her prey. She halts just behind him, leaning in close, her huge breasts grazing his back as she restrains his hands together behind him. Now Jade is free to unbutton his shirt and place slow wet kisses across his chest and abs. She kneels before him, maintaining eye contact as she undoes his belt, and yanks his trousers and boxers to the floor in one swift motion. Jade’s eyes grow wide with lust as she gazes upon his massive throbbing cock. She feels that familiar flutter below the waist as her mind fills with dirty thoughts about the promise of pleasure ahead. The girls can’t wait any longer. They take Mr J by the hands and lead him over to the bed.

In a smouldering three-way kiss, their tongues intertwine in a tantalising dance of seduction. Jenna and Jade reach down to stroke his rock-hard cock and gently cradle his balls. The girls are feeling especially naughty tonight so they pull a silk blindfold out of their bag of tricks and secure it around Mr J’s face. Jenna leans in and whispers in his ear, “Lay back and relax baby. Just let us work our magic.” Mr J is only too happy to oblige. He can feel the warm oil being dripped all over his chest and stomach, and then the hands massaging his skin in slow deliberate movements. With his sense of sight blocked out, every touch becomes pure ecstasy. Every sensation becomes magnified and heightened. The girls use an arsenal of nibbling, kissing, licking, sucking, a feathered teaser, a soft whip, an ice-block. And then comes the caress of not one, but two sets of full natural breasts, sliding up and down over his face, his chest, his cock. It’s enough to drive a man wild. There is nothing quite like the exquisite feeling of two young horny girls rubbing their soft feminine bodies all over you. Finally, Jade removes the blindfold and seductively tells Mr J that he definitely wants to watch the next part.

* * *

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