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Thank you and goodbye 2018... Hello 2019

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My 2019 Dreams and Ambitions...

But first, my thoughts on 2018. Emotional journeys, HARD work, mental, professional and emotional growth, all have defined who I am today, what I believe in and what I stand for. When I stand physically before you and you appreciate me, know that you performed a pivotal role in my quest to create the best version of me. Thank you.

By 31st January, update my profile from size 10-12 “curvy” to size 10 “athletic”. Don’t worry, I love my curves too, they’ll just be a little leaner...

Birthday month, always special for me By 28 February, I will have jumped out of a plane.

I survived the February plane jump! (due to my new athleticism lol) In doing so, I inspire others by demonstrating how risk-taking in the right environment can be rewarding and satisfying. By 31 March, I will receive a promotion in my day-job.

Despite temptation I will not have feasted over Easter and will have maintained my January athleticism. I will take a short break from my day-job and indulge with my gorgeous clients. Day-time loving... mmmm.

By 31st May, I will have an experience that is new and life-changing. I wonder what it will be? I’m open to “May-day” suggestions

In June, I will work HARD on my body, mind and spirit so that in July...

... I will have travelled somewhere hot and sandy and posted an excessive amount of #beachsandinbikinibottoms pics on Twitter.

By 31st August, I will have recorded a record number of gym workouts in any 31-day month.

By 30th Steptember, I will have walked further than last Steptember and raised more funds for Cerebral Palsy awareness #cerebralpalsyfundraising

By 31st October, I will have exceeded my fundraising awareness for Breast Cancer. Additionally, in 2019, 5% of my rates will be donated to The Breast Cancer Council of Western Australia.

November is tricky. Time to hustle on goals and ambitions. Check myself and be extremely kind to myself as the silly season approaches. Do less, if my mind needs respite. Do more, if my body needs it.

Say thank you... to every person who influenced my growth and challenged my mindset. Remind myself that my personal contentment sits underneath my humility and that above all, kindness to others always feels good. Bloody good. It is so easy to show a little kindness. It costs neither money nor time.

I hope 2019 brings you every experience you wish for.

Thank you Mr A - Z (yes, there was a Mr Z) for being such an important player in my 2018 game of life.


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