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Tri-annual Reflections... Privacy and Confidentiality

Over the last 3 months I have settled into my skin. I’m so comfortable engaging with beautiful friends, it now feels very natural and enjoyable. I feel excitement rather than nerves! I feel very sensual and confident about who I am and what, precisely, I have to offer. I #know myself.

Chicken, egg? Easy over, soft-poached or fried, I have come to understand that no one - and I do mean no one - fits into a “one-size fits all” model. And as to what comes first? Trust vs disclosure? Hmmm, that’s something very private between trusting lovers.

Lately, I have enjoyed encounters that have truly delighted my senses.

Surprising, enlightening, insightful, delightful sensory overloads that have taken me to the edge... locations that have delighted me, new flavours, scents and sounds... always with Gentlemen that excite me, intrigue me, tease and satisfy me.

Oh, please repeat all of those.

And you know who you are. You are real. Gentlemen of means, concerned with discretion, personally compromised if an encounter was mis-managed. Also, Gentlemen who share a very different life story with me and might wish to share your encounter with me with others. Discretion is valued by each of us. Thank you for valuing mine, I have ONLY had positive experiences.

Question: Do you exercise due diligence? Research even? ... into the escort you have chosen to engage with?

My position on the matter is two-fold... self-protection and protecting your interests.

I googled myself tonight (a quarterly, “while shaking my head”, necessity) in various search parameters. I didn’t notice any cross-over between my corporate and personal lives. (Please please please good friends, DM me if I’ve missed something...)

Truth be told, based on what you’ve shared with me, I do research you a little bit before agreeing to meet and dependent upon our compatibility, post-meeting, I might research you a little bit more before deciding to meet with you again. Restating, I have ONLY had positive experiences.

If I have noticed your online presence, and it poses any conflict of interest, at my discretion I might have come to the determination we shouldn’t meet, (or meet again) and I will/have respectfully advise/d you. Correct me if I’m wrong, it’s all good, or ask questions. I prefer to say “yes”. You know that .

Thank you for understanding, as some beautiful folk already have. My primary intent is to preserve our mutual privacy and avoid any perceived conflict of interest, should our privacy become compromised. Our privacy is of vital importance to me.

No tribute is worth jeopardising our future interests.

Much love and respect,

Jasper xx

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