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My vision... (and ‘drop and run’ gratitude!)

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Hello Clients and “Friends I’ve not yet met”

Hereto after are my reflections on January 2019 and other thoughts on professional and personal matters going forward. It’s raw.

I had a goal for January 2019. Now February, I need to check myself on this. I didn’t achieve my goal of size 10 athletic. I am still 10 - 12 curvy. I was quite under the weather after Boxing Day, but effectively pushed through. 2 weeks ago when I returned to the gym, I declared myself “well” again. Then came my “off” week, I put on a different hat and gyming took second fiddle to my priorities. Children come first.

Ok. Goal not met. Onwards and upwards.

February. Birthday month. I haven’t booked my sky dive. It’s expensive and a bit indulgent to do without having met other goals... it feels wantonly hedonistic and misaligned with my fiscal goals. I feel I should not expend on “wants” until I have balanced my “needs” ie. my fiscal goals. Particularly when I have strong supporters, cheerleaders as such, supporting me in that regard. So will I jump out of a plane at some point but much as I want to, it will not be this February. That risk, and that expenditure will keep. Not a February 2019 event at this point in time.

I have enjoyed some incredibly interesting experiences this year, short as it has been to date. On the escorting front, a threesome that was friendly, loving and enlightening. A “knock and dash” Pinot noir delivery! A selfie-stick. Lingerie. Thank you all of you, you are gorgeous people through and throughout.

Beautiful warm encounters spanning days that I wished would never end. Sunsets, beach walks, canine friendships, feelings of love and gratitude. Weekends on balconies in my own city, watching the Perth cityscape being developed, getting to know my lover and enjoying him more for that experience, feelings of immense pleasure and gratitude.

I know I have so much to look forward to, so much to offer. When my maternal hat is tried and tested by those that doubt my abilities or humanitarian intent, I am learning to issue a polite “fuck you”. Never would I say those precise words, that is not my way. My polite “fuck you” is to not reply. Or if necessary, to reply politely. To be factual. Replying politely, such that any retaliatory comment speaks more poorly of them than it does of me. To just exist and behave the way I think other humans do, or at the very least, to treat others in the manner they hope to be treated.

I need a holiday.

I carried a heavy burden for a very long time. 18 months of home-schooling in law. Achieved my goal and WON. I never let on to my beautiful small family or gorgeous colleagues in my day job that life ever felt difficult. Only in the last 2 months have I shared my story and when they still say, “I never knew...” I believe them and feel proud of the manner in which I held myself. Instead of me giving myself a pat on the back, I accept their hugs until we both cry.

Every escort has a story to tell. I don’t labour within mine. It is done now. But I am in a rebuilding phase and I have a firm goal. Phases.

Phase one. Thank you Jasper... Debt free by June 2019. (Debt attributed to Family Court proceedings). Hence, no hedonistic expenditure until I reach the black zone.

Phase two. Financial security for the “what if’s” neck of the woods. Jasper all the way.

Phase three. Advance professionally and economically within my employment and consider the role Jasper plays at that point.

Phase four. Content to retire professionally, “Running the shop” to retirement as it were. Retire Jasper. Hopefully settle down with a wonderful person, animals, a garden, and cook for him because I love it. Coffee in bed. Every day a blessing. I will prepare breakfast lunch and dinner because I love to cook for the person I love... we will meet each other’s needs so completely in different ways.

I hope.

Jasper xxx

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