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My Journey 12 months on...

September 12 2018.
You’ve read about this. My awakening

September 2019.
12 months on, I have grown as a person and as a woman. In December 2018, I set goals some of which I achieved and some I still aspire to. I started to feel pain in March ‘19. I didn’t foresee that and it inhibited my fitness goals. Thank you for sticking by me, it reinforced my belief - who I am is not defined by my physical appearance. A few kilos here or there did not detract from my ability to bring us pleasure, nor did it detract from your enthusiasm to enjoy me. You told me that! You showed me that!

After successful treatment for one health problem I came to learn of another. Nothing insurmountable and still you are supporting me. Thank you for sticking by me! Minor surgery in late October ‘19 will correct that problem and following a brief recovery I anticipate a full recovery by mid-November.

Then what? Back to the gym. A return to fitness

But physicality aside, what of my mindset over the last 12 months? What a journey. I’ve explored my personal boundaries in this setting and it’s taken some time to learn which of those are firm and which of those are malleable. I’ll pop my thoughts into a “then vs now”. Other providers will have different opinions.

30mins: I initially felt that I should provide precisely the same experience to a client seeking a 30 min booking as to a client seeking an overnight experience. Hair, full makeup, nails, brows, lots of work, time and investment for a small fiscal return. Now? I match your investment. My hygiene is supreme, I do my hair, put lipstick on. You do get precisely what you pay for.

60mins: Now? As above, and I match your investment. My hygiene is supreme, I do my hair, apply full makeup, lingerie of your choice. Nails are (usually) done, save last minute bookings or where you really care. If you really care you do need to say as much.

Overnight: Here is the big change.
I am not 20 years old. I require a certain amount of undisturbed sleep to recharge for the day ahead. I found that overnights in my incall resulted in clients taking certain privileges that I didn’t offer. Requesting I stay up all night with them, actively watching me sleep at night and wandering through my incall (I wake to notice these things), trying to cuddle me all night, waking me at 4am for...

This is not a Girlfriend Experience, so I no longer offer this service. In a hotel? I still need sleep, but I feel a deeper sense of security. As such, I now only offer overnight time in your quality accommodation.

What else has changed?
Lingerie: If you have a particular lingerie fetish that I can’t accommodate I will tell you. You are welcome to enquire as to my sizing and fund it/provide it.

Deposits: I no longer meet new clients without a deposit. There exist so many methods for sending deposits in a discreet manner that there are few excuses not to. I recommend BeemIt, Smart Pay ATM’s and good old-fashioned bank transfer. If you are booking on the same day, at minimum I will seek de-identified photo ID.

In essence, the changes I have made 12 months on are in regard to my feeling safe and secure. Additionally, they preserve the integrity of my business and the industry.

Business matters aside, I am committed to flying a positive flag for this industry, supporting SW and other SW’s. Being true to myself and remaining non-judgemental of all in a kind, considerate and respectful digital and personal space.

Thank you for your support,

Jasper xx

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