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My first escorting experience...

I had been considering a career in escorting for a couple of years.

I’d had a string of ‘bad dates’ on various dating platforms and came to a realisation... that realisation was that I loved sex, and loved spending time engaging with people. But. I didn’t love the emotional abuse that came with a ‘bad online date’.

I’m self-aware so easily recognised ‘that’ moment... this is not going to go anywhere.

I spent a few quiet months interrogating my feelings.

The idea of escorting came to me yet again so, I had some photos taken. I thought, ‘let’s see how they turn out’ and wow... I saw myself in a different light. My photographer emailed asked for release rights to publish my photographs online on their website. She was proud of her work, pleased with her subject (me) representing her brand from a marketing perspective. It was in that moment, reading and re-reading that email, I started to believe in my abilities. I had so much to offer.

I submitted my profile to Scarlet Blue on September 8th 2018. I didn’t know it was live when I received my first enquiry on September 10th. I received a beautiful text message inviting me to spend an hour with a gorgeous person in their beautiful hotel room the following evening. My favourite destination. Needless to say, I made sure I left work on time!

I felt butterflies from the moment I woke up. My concentration was sharp and my excitement was high, I felt grateful for the structure and discipline my day job required. That day, just quietly, I felt 19 years old, in a 44 year olds body!

What a thrill I felt that evening. I hired a driver, arrived on time, met in the lobby for the slow ride upstairs (probably took 30 seconds but felt like an hour).

I felt excited and very, very turned on yet I felt mild anxiety. Was I safe? I couldn’t know... the reality was that I was about to be honoured, treated with such respect and gentleness that my heart was warmed and my soul soothed. So very unexpected.

Yes, I left less than an hour later with a financial boost. But what astounded me, and still does every single time I say “thank you”, was the feeling that I had grown personally. I had learned. I had brought a beautiful soul pleasure, experienced genuine pleasure myself, and made a difference in the life of a person who was important and who made a difference in my life. I felt cherished and I felt valuable.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

Jasper xx

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