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Guide to Booking and Cancelling (Jasper’s 101)

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Hello friends,

As always, I transpose my thoughts to text based upon my experience and with the disclaimer that I do not hold a University qualification. I do possess qualifications in Telecommunications and advanced HR work-place studies which qualifies me to comment in this regard. Not spouting my CV, hoping simply, to ease any folk who may feel I do not have the length of service in this industry to add value via commentary.

So, that notwithstanding, my uttered thoughts are just that, based on my experiences.

Let’s talk.

The client enquiries I receive present in only two forms, Email via SB website and text message direct to my phone.

I’ve not performed any scientific analysis to determine which entry point yields enquiry/booking ratios - this is not what this diary is about. However, anecdotally, I do feel very confident in stating, scientific research principles discarded, a text enquiry (even when it leads to a booking) is less likely to be fulfilled than is an email from an experienced client, and ladies, you know what I mean. Do RT this diary if it resonates with you at all..


An experienced (and, note, COMMITTED) client/receiver of SW attention, will...

- Introduce themselves -name location in/outcall - and state where they found you;
- Detail the precise date and time they wish to meet you, as well as for how long they wish to spend time together with you;
- Request your company on a date/time they know you are available based on your profile;
- Offer a deposit (knowing the quality escorts they’ve enjoyed in the past have set the standard, particularly Scarlet Blue escorts);
- Describe any particular wish they seek to be fulfilled.

Dream clients! Dream emails! Dream texts!

Personally, on occasion I do respond to “hey babe” messages IF the message also states NOW (and I am available), or from a former client, in which case I have saved your mobile number and know you already.

Situations which I feel are not okay include...

- The text messaging (to and fro) alluding to a firm booking, leading to your chosen escort declining other enquiries, only to receive your cancellation at very short notice.

- Anything less than 48 hours notice, in my opinion, constitutes “short notice”. You may notice an increasing amount of escorts seeking deposits, this is why.

When I receive a deposit, I feel ABSOLUTE confidence that our booking will proceed. You should also feel absolute confidence, because if you enjoy it, I continue to engage with you leading up to our meeting.

The seeking of a deposit is not a strategy! You’ve entered into a written contract to obtain a service from a provider. No less than your lawn mower or house cleaner. Personally, if I need to cancel my house cleaner, I rebook them for a time that suits and seek their agreement for the proposed new time and I do so with adequate notice. This is the prelude to a meeting. Yes, reassurance, but consider the opposite. The escort who “wins” your deposit, then fails to deliver a service at very short-to zero notice. How frustrating!


Escorts will likely add you to their phone as contacts. If you have repeatedly contacted me and I have been engaging and polite on every occasion, yet none of your enquiries have led to a booking... no judgement about who you are as a person, but to your chosen one you are becoming a pest. No escort wants to shut down a potential client.. but every interaction is a business transaction and if you never book... well communications may cease. This is why. Try not take our silence personally. Perhaps you didn’t respect our boundaries?

Potentially long-term lovers

You already know how to approach her, having learned from your shared history and do it correctly every time. You acknowledge your past, accept she operates in the present, consider future planning, know her availability, so she can say “YES” to you. Repeat.

Proven lovers

You have more leeway than new clients,dependent upon your historical relationship, but who is anyone kidding... you already know how to do this, respectfully as always.

Jasper xx

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