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Is it risky to have feelings for my chosen escort... or, conversely, my client?

To avoid the emotional pitfalls of this situation, knowledge of our emotional strengths and practicing self-care and self-awareness is vital. We do this in a perfect world, but if your world is anything like mine... well, you have a day job, you might have a family, you have obligations to loved ones, not to mention your own down-time. Then, after all of that, you think about your physical needs and sex. Hmm.

My thoughts on this topic are, as always, written from my perspective based on my personal experiences and I encourage your self-care. I care deeply about other people‘s well-being and satisfaction, whilst being mindful to take good care of my own mental health well-being... or how will we have a great time together if either is out of balance?

A situation you don’t read about as often is, “how do I manage the situation where I recognise that I have developed loving feelings for a client that I have spent a significant amount of time with?”

Alternately, perhaps you’ve not met, yet the quality and calibre of communication between you have you (both) falling in love, curious, yearning for more and more communication... perhaps you’ve started to wonder if a relationship might be possible?

Gentlemen, this happens!

What do we do with those feelings? Should we keep them to ourselves? Should we suppress them? Should we share them with each other? Should you share your feelings with your the chosen one? No correct pathway here. Personally, I appreciate your honesty and cherish you for your emotional bravery and transparency. Know that your honesty is welcomed so long as you express your feelings with respect and with context and are receptive, in a healthy manner, to a response that is full of gratitude, yet non-committal with regards to the future.

Yes, you are taking a risk. It is likely that your chosen is not prone to falling in love at all. However, she will likely understand how you are feeling and, dependent upon your mutual investment, she may aid you to navigate through those complex feelings. If she is giving, if she cares about you personally, she won’t shut you down.

Don’t abuse her hospitality though. Don’t message her incessantly, that is not the service you have engaged. Too much contact or a neediness for reassurance may damage the functional, sexual and intimate relationship you DO have. Remind yourself that the origin of your service relationship exists in the now. Explore it within her compensated time, or arrange for a longer booking. I understand. I do. I’m that woman.

For example...

“Dearest Jasper, I think of you daily. You have become part of my everyday by way of following you on Twitter.”

Outwardly, such a message may appear sweet, intriguing even, but on an ongoing basis, without a future booking, that message might seem stalker-esque, until you flesh out your post with... “I loved our interaction, planning the next/I grow more excited at the prospect of our imminent meeting”, at which point it becomes a message which has context and relevance.

Please don’t feel afraid to express your feelings, just consider how you do so, so that we both feel your warmth xx I will always do the same. Sometimes I hold back, because I sense a strong connection and prefer a slower reveal. Don’t doubt, I feel immense warmth towards you also, a warmth that will usually intensify upon meeting when we finally meet. I feel strong feelings towards you too, and manage my feelings my way.

Jasper xx

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