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2019 Year of the Pig... or Year of the Escort...

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2019 is Year of the Pig, but for me, 2019 is Year of the Escort.

2019 is a highly auspicious year for the Wood Tiger. That’s me. Cycles are refreshing and beginning anew. Balance is restoring. There is no greater satisfaction than knowing the feeling of “out with old, in with the new.”

For me, the Wood Tiger, this only happens once in so many years, so when that year comes, NOTHING holds me back, life energy moves to support my dreams being fulfilled.

If you believe in such things, we will be a team to be reckoned with this year.

Have you spent hours reading the profile of your favourite escort? Have you wondered about your worthiness to meet her? Have you wondered if you’re “good enough” to secure a booking with her and have it fulfilled?

You are.

You are worthy. You are wonderful. You are intriguing. You have a story that is safe to share. You will be adored, you will feel cherished.

If you’ve ever felt internally restrained from reaching out to your desired escort, for whatever reason, feel encouraged to write that email. Send that well-thought-out text message.

We are beautiful, safe people. We are warm souls, who derive immense pleasure from the knowledge that we have satisfied you, fulfilled your dream or fantasy. We feel pleasure also, personally I have clients I WISH will see me again due to the immense pleasure they brought me.

Please don’t be afraid.


Jasper xx

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