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I really enjoyed the first few months travelling around Australia, I still can't get over the beauty of Tasmania or the marvelous beaches in NSW. But now the time has come to finally settle down in Victoria. I am used to travelling constantly, never staying too long in one place, never knowing how long I will stay - but by the looks of it I found my new home for at least a while. Okay, let's be honest - I won't survive too long in one space, so I can't wait to tour around.

I really enjoyed my new adventure Australia so far and want to thank all those amazing personalities I could connect with so far. Thank you for making my first escorting experiences in a new country such a pleasure. So far I have always started at a brothel or Laufhaus, before going into escorting in a new country. This time I skipped this step and am really glad about this decision.

Finally, I managed to get my internet sorted and have now the possibility to share my experiences with you here and on my new Twitter page ( ).

I hope to have an adventure with you soon!

xoxo Jana

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