escort diary of Jamie Black

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The king of foreplay booked a room with a luxurious spa positioned behind the bed head, the intention behind the design being to climb out of the spa and directly into the king size bed it seemed.

Before venturing into the spa he spoilt me with a bottle of champas, a cheese platter and a box of Lindt chocolates, it was indulgent and romantic! After devouring as much as i could without looking un-ladylike (I was hungry) he pulled me up by the hand and led me into the bedroom where the spa was full and a platter of mixed berries and dried fruit sat waiting to accompany the rest of our champagne. The delicious aroma of vanilla wafted up from the spa and i remembered he had text me through the week asking my favourite scent, vanilla, how sweet!

The scene was set for 3hours of sensuality but I wasnt sure what to expect, was this all set up to cover a man who was insecure with his performance and had to impress by other means, or was this genuinely a guy who knew how to woo a woman?

We enjoyed the spa and i giggled at how delicious it was - the flavours, the aromas, the being spoilt with no need to rush, it was lovely! Then it was time to dry off and do what would come next so naturally. I requested he put some music on and was surprised at his pick; an electro house mix which he found on his phone so quickly. I was intrigued and pleased by his choice of music, it made what was to happen next even sexier.

He pushed me back onto the bed, gently but assertively enough that it turned me on. Slowly, sensually and oh so gradually he kissed all over my body, obviously knowing that the slow approach with a woman's body is MUCH more likely to make her wet and craving him than the 'immediate tongue to pussy' action that most guys are in the habit of. He teased me by getting closer and closer to my wet spot but never touching it, and I told him how much i wanted his tongue there but that I LOVED the tease that he know how to do so well.

The tease was so perfect that when he finally reached where i was craving for him to reach I came in his mouth.... ahhh yes! We turned over and i straddled him. He asked me to find his weak spot and it didnt take long to discover it was his nipples, i touched them ever so gently with my tongue and lips and i could tell it drove him wild. I knew exactly how he felt as my nipples do the same to me!

I needed to come again so i rode him and touched myself till i came, feeling my throbs squeeze his manhood inside me as my body writhed on top of him. Then it was time for him to come. We flipped over so i was on my back and he pushed himself inside me. He pulsed and pumped until he popped and we both breathed hard in the afterglow of orgasm.

We lay cuddling and chatting as i loved to do with my clients after sex, and then had showers before I reluctantly put my clothes on, i felt like i could stay chatting for hours and i REALLY wanted to go back in that spa!

Afterwards I thought about the various client interactions I'd had and how not every man had the sexual knowledge or style that this client had, it was unique and powerful. Of course there's something to be said for quickies but the real sexual experience is about making your woman melt, figuratively and literally. Ohhh i love getting that wet that my client is instantly turned on when he feels my dripping sweet spot!

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