escort diary of Jamie Black

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We met on twitter, I had no idea what to expect except that I suspected he was European by his choice of online name. Good, I have a bit of a thing for Euro men!

He arrived and sure enough was Greek. I gave him a flirty peck as he walked in the door and it quickly led to a full on pash. Sidewinding our way to the couch amidst legs and arms we kissed passionately and one by one our clothes came off. He teased my nipples just how I like it... oh how I like it!

Despite his member being attractively large and deliciously thick it wasnt when his pants came off that I decided to call him the Greek God, it was when he knelt down between my legs and his tongue found my wet spot. He massaged it so perfectly that before I knew it I came in his mouth, deep and hard. I could tell he enjoyed it and it turned me on even more, I love a man who goes down on a woman because he likes it, not because he thinks he has to pleasure her.

After I came I pulled him up off his knees and motioned for him to lie back on the couch. I straddled him and slowly pushed my body down on his impressive size and girth, making his entry slow and intentional. It felt amazing inside me, I wanted that deep slow feeling to continue so I rode him in slow motion first, then increased my speed as the intensity of our breathing increased. Soon I was pumping hard and fast and he gripped my hips in ecstasy, then with a shudder of his body and exhale of his breath he throbbed inside me, coming hard.

I let my body fall on top of his for a few minutes while we slowed our breathless panting and racing hearts. We were both satisfied and our time was up but I had a feeling we'd be meeting again.... I look forward to my next Greek God encounter :)

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