escort diary of Jamie Black

Spunky Mr D and his Large Load

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I opened the door to Mr D and found myself instantly undressing him with my eyes, noticing his cut body shape under his semi tight tshirt and designer looking jeans. He swaggered inside the apartment and i handed him a glass of champagne.... why not at 12.00 in the afternoon!

We sat down on the couch and talked a little about ourselves with a few flirty kisses in between. I enjoyed and was somewhat surprised at how many different topics we connected on, it's rarely a challenge for me to converse comfortably and connectedly with clients but it's not always the case that they're into some of the more passionate things I am. Mr D was lovely and genuinely interested in getting to know me. Although it was only and hour booking he didn't look rushed for sex at all, happy to sit and chat arm in arm. I could tell he was a little nervous which I've come to accept as normal when men are either in the presence of a beautiful woman or in the presence of an escort, regarding me there really isn't much difference! To me their nervousness is endearing and just makes me nuzzle up to them even more.

He asked if he could massage me and I of course said yes! We sauntered up to the bedroom and I slipped my Roman'esque dress over my head, i had had no underware under it so my nipples had shown through and I liked knowing the effect it must have had on him when he first stepped into the apartment. My nipples and breasts are one of my best features so I love to offer them to clients in cheeky ways.

Naked, I lay down on the bed and he began massaging my shoulders. Gradually, hiding his excitement behind casual chatting, he moved down to my lower back, bum, and thighs, taking pieces of his clothing off as he went. When he got to my thighs I could feel the subtle but obvious sweeps of his hands up the inside of my thighs and as close to my wet area as he dared. I had always found this so erotic, the 'move in, move away' hand strategy of eventually trying to touch a woman's vagina, it's such a tease and many guys don't fully understand how wet and craving this can make a woman.

He had me turn over so he could massage my breasts and i finally got to see the body under his tshirt - toned, fit and strong looking without being over the top. I liked a healthy body, male or female didnt matter, muscles didnt matter, a bit of extra flesh didnt matter, as long as it looked healthy and Mr D's definitely did.

He shifted up a gear with his subtle but obvious tease strategy and began kissing my thighs and the lower part of my tummy. I had a tight and neat landing strip so his kisses landed in many places and it felt amazing. Eventually his lips landed on my clitoris and he began massaging it with his tongue, just as slowly and sensually as he had done over my body with his hands. I already knew i was wet, I had felt it come on when his hands sneakily snuck in and away from my vagina when he was massaging my thighs. Wetness was never a problem for me, it was natural for me to be wet very quickly and soaking by the time I was entered.

He licked my cum button till I could stand it no longer and had to feel him inside me. Flipping over I noticed the jacket his big boy was wearing had made him a little less sensitive so I suggested he take it off and he touch himself with me lying under him, ready to receive his load om my face and breasts. I touched myself also, unable to hold back after a few seconds of watching his pumping hand and growing excitement. I came with the continuous deep upwards arches of my back that is orgasm rocking my body, and watching my face as I came he exploded all over my breasts, a large and satisfying load. I smiled and played with it with my fingers, moving it around, massaging it in as I loved to do.

We finished with a fun little clean of each other on the shower and i marveled at how happy he was to have finally done something he'd always considered degrading to women, and to have seen how much a woman can enjoy it when she feels safe and confident in her body and sexual expression.

He left with a kiss on the cheek and said he would be back, i hope so Mr D :)

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