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Lying around on Sunny Days naked .... well dogs and cats don't wear clothes do they! :-)

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For those who've come to know me of have heard about me you'll know I'm very active in the animal welfare industry and usually have a few teeth marks to prove it (sorry boys, not the human kind!).

Well I'm excited to announce I've registered the name of my upcoming rescue and rehab property (sole trader for now but will become a tax exempt charity down the track) and have just opened a bank account dedicated to raising funds for set up of the property which will include extensive cyclone fencing for rescue dogs some of which can jump 7ft in one leap, huge cat enclosures full of things to climb on and play with, a rehab pool for physical rehabilitation of older animals, an AAT room (Animal Assisted Therapy) where youth and children can come and spend time with select trained animals, and a barn for winter space for the dogs. The list doesnt end there!

If you or your company would like to donate in the form of cash, materials, or people power pls feel free to call me to discuss. Anything you can help with will save the lives of countless animals normally put down due to overcrowding in shelters or fixable behaviour issues.

From my heart, thankyou!!!
Jas xoxo

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