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The Perfect Recipe For The Perfect Hot Date

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The woman:
· One young brunette bombshell,
· One painstakingly selected figure-hugging dress,
· Deliciously soft skin,
· Two perky breasts,
· One slim waistline,
· A pair of sweet kissable lips,
· One nice round booty,
· Two long legs,
· A pair of tall heels,
· A sexy smile, and;
· A spritz of sweet perfume to serve.

The man:
· One dazzling personality,
· One carefully thought out outfit,
· One pleasant smile,
· Two piercingly handsome eyes,
· A charming sense of humour,
· A devilish sense of misbehaviour,
· A firm unwavering confidence
· A sexy and assertive masculine hand, and;
· A deliciously skilful tongue to serve.

(Recipe Tip: For extra-added sweetness, add two parts woman, to one part man.)

1. Pre-heat the man using cleverly placed advertising with naughty and suggestive photographs.

2. Allow the woman and the man to mix briefly over a telephone conversation, letting the sultry voice of the woman become an elixir to the man’s ears. Set the man aside to simmer over his upcoming arrangement while preparing the woman.

3. Place the woman into a steamy shower or nice hot bubble bath. Lather thoroughly with sweet smelling body wash, rinse, and repeat. Wash and condition the woman’s long brunette hair to ensure silky smoothness and a deliciously inviting scent.

4. Once the woman is clean and dry, allow her time to carefully complete her hair and makeup routine. Each step must be completed to perfection, so allowing ample time is crucial to the perfect result.

5. Once you have selected the perfect dress for the woman, ensure it fits just right. The material must cling to her curves and accentuate every feminine aspect of her figure. The accompanying heels you select must elongate the legs and draw the eye up to her juicy behind. (Having a variety of choices when dressing the woman is always a good idea, if you dress a woman in the same outfit too many times she will become frustrated and stressed, leading to an outburst of online shopping.)

6. Take the man off the heat; he will be quite hot under the collar at this point so be careful not to burn yourself.

7. Allow naughty thoughts to fill the man’s mind and a tingling sensation to fill his body, allow the premonitions of what is to come completely take over his attention on the journey to the woman’s house.

8. Upon arrival, allow the man some time to collect himself. He may need a moment to check his hair in the mirror of his car and clear his thoughts. In this recipe, the man’s mental clarity is just as important as his physical sharpness.

9. After a few short knocks on the woman’s door, allow the two to mix once again. The sound of the woman’s voice in person is sweeter than it had previously been on the phone but this will not affect the man’s unwavering confidence, providing he has been prepared correctly.

10. Allow the feminine perfume of the woman’s décolletage to intoxicate the man as she draws him in for a kiss. His knees may weaken at this point, but this is normal.

11. The woman will be the stronger and more flavoursome ingredient at this stage of preparation, as the man will have turned to jelly in her hands. But not to worry, the man will become harder and firmer as the baking progresses.

12. Allow the woman to lead the man to her beautifully prepared bedroom, and slip off the so carefully selected dress you placed her in earlier.

13. The man will become slightly firmer after the dress is removed, and his carefully selected outfit will also fall to the floor.

14. The woman’s soft perky breasts will need to be worked until two firm peaks are formed. When the man forms a similarly strong peak, the two can be placed in the oven for baking.

15. The woman and the man need to be placed quite close together while baking; a mattress is the best utensil in this instance. Ensure the two are intertwined nicely, allowing all of their body parts to mingle. You will need to change the position of the man and the woman several times throughout the baking process.

16. The man’s assertive hand will come in handy when checking the progress of the baking. A good spanking throughout is often necessary to ensure tenderness of the woman’s behind.

17. Allow the man and the woman to bake for as long as it takes for their skin to become dewy and their faces to be flushed. And until the man’s jelly-like state has returned to his entire body. Steam on the oven window is also normal if the baking has been done correctly.

18. Allow the man to rest for a few moments, as he will often be in a daze after baking.

19. Place the man and the woman into a nice hot shower, and allow them to soak together.

20. Repeat as many times as you like, or until golden brown.

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