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Do Nothing For a Day, See How It Feels

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When was the last time you took the opportunity to do nothing? And no, I don’t mean a space of time between doing one thing and doing another, spent idly waiting to become busy again. I mean, when was the last time you took a scheduled period of time to intentionally do nothing? As adults, we live in a world where we are taught that in order to be an important part of a functioning society, we are to be in a constant state of busyness. We are taught from an early age that tranquillity is synonymous with laziness; we often forget the mental clarity and rest are just as important as productivity and progress in our lives. Doing ‘nothing’ is, in fact, doing something. It is the purposeful act of ensuring you have time to wind down, both mentally and physically, at the end of a busy day.

In the intervals between seeing clients, I often find myself under the delusion that I am doing nothing. However, I have recently made the effort to be more consciously aware of how I spend my time. In doing so, I have noticed that the majority of my day is spent either responding to enquiries, editing my website, doing loads of washing, cleaning my house, or fixing my hair and makeup. While these tasks may seem miniscule, they manage to take up any free time I may have had during my working day to relax and mentally unwind for any given period.

One thing that I have regrettably come to realise, is that whenever I do set aside time to allow myself to relax, I wind up feeling guilty about doing so. I often find myself questioning whether or not I am really tired enough to deserve some down time, or if there is a more pressing task that I could be using the period I have set aside to complete. Unfortunately, this is also true for many people; both sex industry professional and non.

Parents of young children, if you are reading this, you may by now be thinking I have lost my mind, but hear me out… When the kids are in bed and you’re standing looking at the absolute catastrophe that is their playroom, take a moment and think to yourself: “Is this the best use of my time?” Many of you will be thinking that it is, as it is the most productive thing you could do at this hour. However, consider this: if you spend hours cleaning their toy room without allowing yourself to rest and sleep, will you be in the best mood to greet your children and other fellow humans in the morning? Will this level of output now result in a decline of productivity in tomorrow’s forecast? Reserving the time you would have spent tidying and cleaning to wind down and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul is actually the complete opposite of a selfish act. While yes, it is something you do to better yourself and the way you might be feeling, it is also beneficial to those around you. Interacting with somebody that is in a positive headspace can be a mood-altering factor in somebody else’s day. Just as a smile is contagious, an optimistic state of mental health and well-being can be too. There will always be time to clean a toy room and complete tasks for those around you, but there may not always be as ample an opportunity to look out for your own self.
Making sure you have time to relax and be alone with your thoughts is vital in allowing your body and mind time to catch up with all the goings-on of your day. I know what you may be thinking, it is easier for some to allow time for relaxing than others, and this is not untrue. The hustle and bustle of modern day living makes it near impossible to lounge around and read your favourite book all day. However, this is not what I am suggesting. Even if you just take fifteen minutes to close the curtains, turn off your phone, strop scrolling through social media, and just be, I promise you will feel one hundred percent better for it.

As I am sure many of you can understand, that much like yours, the majority of my working week consists of the same set routine: Get up, shower, put my makeup on, drive to work, get stuck in traffic, work, drive home, take makeup off, shower, sleep, repeat. However, now that I am more aware of this, I am purposefully spending as much of my Sundays off doing nothing, and I feel amazing for it. Floating in a nice warm bubble bath, going to a day spa, or even laying on the sofa with my dogs is the best way I can justify using my down time, as it quite literally becomes just that; time for winding down. Come Monday I feel refreshed and ready to begin my working week. With a positive mindset and productivity in mind, I prepare myself to be the best I can be both inside and outside of the bedroom.

So, the next time you contact an escort and she says it is her day off, don’t feel disheartened. She is taking the time to look after herself so that she can give you her full, undivided attention when it comes time for you to meet.

Thank you for taking the time to read this entry, now go and take some time for yourself. You deserve it.

Jade xx

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