escort diary of Ivory Valentine

Moving to a new City

Have just arrived in Sydney which came about with me throwing a wobbly getting on a plane ....And my good fortune to have met a another working girl who has helped me through
The first four days have been challenging. This the first time in quite a while I am right out of my comfort zone. Its like the first day at a new job. What ever happened to my fearless nature the archetypal Rebel the Total Miss Independence? They all took a dive deep and came crashing down in a heap. Here I was thinking I am not like everybody else I don't need roots blah Blah blah . well it was all Bs I need a home a base friends and a life and even though being here is scary its exciting also , because I now have an opportunity to rebuild my shattered ego and existence. With a lot of learning alone the way and believing in myself I know it will be one of the most successful things I have ever done...
As a very wise gentlemen once said we may not like the choices we are given but they are just that choices... Until then

Ivory Valentine
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