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Isabella Lawrence - BBW Brisbane
A beautiful, educated, classy Brisbane Escort
PHONE 0421 709 262


There’s a time and a place for everything of course but in recent times, in my work as a private escort and companion, I notice I receive almost exclusively requests for longer dates/bookings.

I imagine this reflects several things, my marketing is all about a shared connection and connection is a relaxed and beautiful thing which must not be hurried so I am attracting clients who look for connection. Also my rates are slanted towards longer bookings and reflect that I enjoy dinner dates and 2 and 3 hr incalls as well as 12 hr and overnight dates.

A year ago when I began work as a private escort I received far more 1 hour and even half hour bookings but since then I have removed the half hour option as I just cannot connect with a stranger in such a rushed way. If you need just a quick release you really are not looking for me. I’m not that woman, I am a deeply passionate woman with the capacity to be sweetly sensual and caring or hungrily erotic and abandoned but these things happen in the right setting. Coming to see me is an experience, its two people meeting and knowing that it will end in intimacy, enjoying the build up, the teasing, the conversation, it’s as close to a real life relationship without any of the baggage and all of the eroticism.

Deciding to book for 2 plus hours with me means you are greeted as a lover, the financial side of things is dealt with quickly and then forgotten, We immerse ourselves in a bubble of lost time, no thoughts of the outside world… a glass of wine or a scotch, perhaps some cheese or something to nibble on as we chat and relax into each others company.

At some point either you or I will reach across and kiss each other and so will begin hours of intimacy that suits you and matches your desires and needs. I am not a fan of services being discussed in fine detail. I can do this if needed but really I like our connection to be organic for us to slowly find each others sweet spots and what makes our hearts beat faster and our temperatures rise.

To me its a little like cooking or painting or playing music, it evolves with a little of this and a little of that and its different for each pairing. This makes it all so exciting and wonderful. This is why I am a long date girl, not a bonk and run. I have clients who come to see me several times a week to converse, dine and enjoy a few hours of intimacy, booking 5 or 6 hour dates. I also have some who like to go away for a few days and enjoy dining out or me cooking for them, day spa visits, sight seeing, snuggling in front of log fires and watching movies. All of these things create wonderful connections which fill their needs without complication.

I have other clients who see me perhaps monthly for a dinner date when in Brisbane on business but like to stay in touch with me in between and our relationship is almost like the affair they dare not have, its safe and secure without risk of entanglement and impact on their personal lives. I understand this and I am happy to fulfill whatever role in their lives they would like me to, These connections are all rich and genuine, they are something special and something to be enjoyed. All of these connections began with an initial meeting of course which may only be one hour but we settle into more…

When booking in to meet me please consider that this is how I work and what I specialize in. I am a woman to spend intimate and special time with and I look forward to meeting you.

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