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The reality is that I didn't think I would still be Isabella now. Isabella was born in a time of great need and that can be read about in my blog
I imagined she would live a short life but she has changed my life and caused a lot of growth. She has become a version of me that I like very much. Ive always been strong but she has made me stronger and more resiliant. She has brought me into contact with interesting people and taught me to appreciate the gifts I have.
She has also taught me increased compassion and to be less judgemental. She has taught me to pay attention to my mental health and give myself time and space. She has also taught me that we all get a little crazy at times and thats ok.
Isabellas journey is ongoing and exciting. Where will she take me? I do not know but its exciting and I like the woman I have become with her guidance far more than the woman I was in 2016 when Isabella was born.

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