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Before everybody is bombarding you with their outpour of the ‘end of the year’ musings and you get buried in an avalanche of blog posts, I’ve decided to write mine now to have your undivided attention. Another reason, being my six to eight week break from mid January onwards, is leaving me quite busy in those last couple of months leading up to the festive season.

This year was an incredibly rewarding one for me. I’m not only talking monetary and material benefits but also - and very much importantly - connections I have made, friends I have found and lovers I have discovered.
2017 was, still is, about thriving for me. Personally, in my line of work, within my passion escorting.

I try to keep it as short and sweet as possible.
Generally what you get is often what you give I think. I have learned from problems I had in the past with a couple of clients and other escorts, I know how to avoid them or nip them in the bud. Finally I feel like I have found my way, mind you without compromising my ethics, my integrity, my ideals or my personality - which I thought not to be possible beforehand - for the smoothest sailing I can wish for in the sex industry.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who cross my path regularly, be it as my treasured regular, my dear friend or my lover I can’t wait to see again. Sometimes you are all three in one.
I am incredibly grateful for you coming back for more and more. My beloved Melbournites who keep me busy, keep me warm in my favourite city in this world which I made my home seven years ago. My cherished interstate lovers who ask me to return over and over, who show me the finest Australia has to offer. I feel incredibly blessed when I reflect on my career as an escort but especially for this year.

You get what you give, I mentioned it before. I speak my mind and I speak it clearly. It pays off to be myself, to be genuine, to be unique, to avoid the emotional fakery even if that means I am not for everyone. But I do not want to be for everyone, I am not designed for everyone.
I am for the kind and compassionate, for the open minded and respectful, for the interested and inquisitive, for the forever searching, for the lover of the exquisitely different, for the finder of beauty in everything and may be it in the smallest thing or way.

If you are a regular of mine you are all of the above and more.

Thank you for your patronage over this year, over the past years and hopefully for the future.

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