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Unhappiness and the urge to put others down

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A group of PP members are going out of their way to offend many SW's ( no, I am not speaking for all of us but for a fair few ), often by using derogatory slur when referring to us, but there's no shortage of other examples here.
Some even attend the PP chat room every night making it their mission to slander and talk bad about about certain escorts trying to prevent other chat participants to book them to make a negative impact on their business.

Happy, confident and content human beings do not act that way. Someone who lives a full life is not going on PP, or any other forum nor in real life, to knowingly insult SW's or other members wherever they can and / or feel like doing so. A content, confident and successful person does not have the urge to put others down.

It's a sign of being truly unhappy and probably bored to death as obviously there are important elements missing to fill the void in their lives. The more negativity someone spouts the unhappier they are inside I believe.

Most of us have been there, more or less, during stages of our life when things didn't go well for us, when we were angry, unfulfilled and hurt. I have been there myself, maybe a year or two ago when my personal life was an utter mess. 99% of problems we deal with are home made I believe, caused by ourselves. Often we fail to see exactly that so therefore we hinder our own improvement and healing process, remain paralysed and keep lashing out. This is such a sad and helpless phase as the only things we generate are negative, we worsen our own situation, alienate ourselves instead of moving on to a more positive path and back to happiness.

It often takes a while to see through those self harming patterns but if we do it is time to overthink the way we deal with the negative challenges we face which allows us and our souls to mend and repair.
When our wounds are healed, when our spirit isn't clouded and veiled we are able to see the childishness and immaturity of our past actions towards others. At least I do and I am adamant to not fall into the same trap again.

Our own troubled stage of life must not negatively impact on the wellbeing and the life of others.

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