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Twitter is not real life

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More and more I realise how many men are desperate to interact daily with sex workers on Twitter.

Personally, and like most other SW's, I have fun flirting with you all when my schedule allows such thing as long as the interactions are kept to commenting and banter in my notifications.

Unfortunately I have heard from fellow escorts that they receive daily dm's invading their privacy by bored and desperate men who end up blocking the initially favoured ladies if they ask them in a very friendly manner to stop messaging. What sort of behaviour is this?

This, dear gentlemen, is concerning.
If the highlight of your day is to message and interact with random ladies you never have met and most likely will never meet on Twitter - or even with ladies you know and book - this is an unhealthy behavioural pattern in my opinion. Twitter is not real life, Twitter is an advertising space for us, a platform for non-serious banter and superficial interactions.

Ask yourself honestly how often is it necessary to message a particular lady and why do you message her?
If your answer is your need for attention, your need for validation, your insecurities and your need to connect with someone you need to make changes in your life. Do yourself a favour and actively seek out new connections in your every day life, face to face with colleagues for example, intensify and rekindle your existing friendships and relationships, start meeting people in the real world. It's for your own good to have solid footing in your every day life that is not connected to social media.

Twitter is a bubble. You do not connect with anyone on social media when you are a potential customer with money to spend.

The argument 'But I want tot get to know you and establish a connection before I book.' is obsolete. Firstly my Twitter feed gives you enough insight about me and my personality and is therefore the best indicator if we will get along or not. Secondly,
as mentioned above, you can not make a real connection on Twitter. Thirdly if someone who hasn't booked yet but already demands messages and texts which have nothing to do with a future booking, I can only imagine how much coddling will be involved to keep him happy and levelled when he actually becomes a client - which is the least desired kind of client for me.

Any serious prospective client who has been interested in seeing me, has always come through without the need to interact with me on social media, via text or email for days, weeks and months beforehand and those are my favourite clients.

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