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Dear wonderful ScarletBlue readers,

as you might have noticed, this is the second time I had to inconvenience you and myself
with this matter. Therefore I want to apologise for the confusion it might be causing you.

Until recently I felt safe being an openly proud sex worker here in Australia, one of the
reasons was that my family resides overseas and I did not expect my activities - literally on the
other side of the world - to impact on their lives. Unfortunately I was maybe a little too naive
and now have to take precautions to not compromise my parents' careers.

Therefore I had to intervene immediately and would like to introduce my new alias, Ida Holiday.

Nothing apart from my name will change, not the services I offer or my rate structure, nor will
this adjustment impact on the fact that I am a sole and independent operator who does not use
a PA but engages personally with every enquiry received.

The best way to reach me for bookings, apart from the SB messenger, is my new email address
( see below ) and a new phone number will be following soon as well.

I hope you will treat this decision with respect and help me to not upset my family's aspirations

Thank you kindly for reading this and bearing with me through these tumultuous times.

Yours sincerely,

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