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This is a difficult subject to tackle and I hope no one will be offended or feel their gratitude is not appreciated - then what are gifts if not a tribute to someone you want to acknowledge?

Personally I think gifting is not necessary. I have always said so. Despite this I find myself in a many situation being showered with material things. Whereas I am incredibly honoured and thankful for the love you show me by doing so, at the same time I have all I can wish for.

Like many others living in a western country, I am blessed to be able to live in abundance in regards to my everyday needs. Thankfully I can afford everything I need to survive and more.

I am not a person who strives for material things, less is more. Luxury for me is to be able to spend time leisurely, a book I can not put down, listening to music, playing with my cats, experiencing art and being able to help my loved ones and impounded animals due to my finical freedom.

Please, even if you only think of some divine chocolates or beautiful flowers, do me the favour and donate the amount either to Forever Friends Animal Rescue, Animals Australia or PETA and show me the receipt instead - it'll make me happier than anything.

But if you insist on specifically spoiling me, have a look at my wish list here on ScarletBlue. Why not make it a gift I will really enjoy?

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