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Being critiqued is not an easy task to deal with, especially in escorting as almost everything
comes down to our nature, our bodies, our personal skilfulness to satisfy our clientele's most
intimate desires and fantasies..
But I firmly believe in getting a honest feedback rather than a sugar coated praise which might
lead me to repeat a not perfect encounter with you as I deem it the way you like it due to a lack
of communication or even the client's fear to upset me.

Everybody who runs a business - whatever kind of business - is open to scrutiny.
If you do not take on criticism, shut your ears to advise, ignore the queries your patrons have,
you are not fit to run a business - at least not a successful one.

There's a certain way some advise is given, condescending, belittling and from a pedestal, which
makes the recipient simply angry as it is delivered to hurt. It's hard to see the the truth - if there's any
in it - as it is insulting on an emotional level.

What I make out of criticism, may it be rectified or not, voiced positively or to put me down, may it
be in / during / after a booking is entirely up me. I can use to better myself and therefore add value
to my business or hide behind my hurt pride by brushing it off.

So please, dearest and highly appreciated ladies and gentlemen whom I am honoured to call my
clientele, be frank with me, be honest.
I am happy to take on your well meant opinion and a word of advise.

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