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What gets me out of bed in the morning ️

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Recently I posted a twitter pole, in regards to the topic that people would like me to write about for my first Escort blog on this Wonderful website Scarlet Blue. I didn’t want to post something generic, or even a topic that many other wonderful Escorts have spoken about in regards to how to make bookings and deposits etc, as this has been already covered SO well (Thankyou my beautiful fellow colleagues)
A lovely gent requested for me to write about “what gets me out of bed in the morning”
So, Readers here it is;

This is from my heart, to show the People reading this- that I AM Human, connected, passionate, spiritual and a real Woman who has feelings, thinks deeply and not all that sometimes can be projected when seeing the glamorous photos and blurbs on various Escort websites, including my own. Of course Marketing is important when running a business, which of course is what i do, I run a very successful Escort business, but I beleive the reason for this, six years in and still going strong, is not because of my looks or my body, it’s much more than that. I am a deep feeling woman behind the “glamour”

What makes me HAPPY? what makes me get out of bed in the morning? Well it isn’t Money, it isn’t the gym, food or sex (which are all great pleasures to be enjoyed for me on a daily basis) (esp the food hehe) but it’s much, much more than that, For me…it’s FELT. You can not see it, touch it, or smell it. You can not “posses” it, you can not own it, and you certainly not buy it.

It’s the feeling of knowing deep within my core that I’m making a difference in this crazy complicated world.
Being absolutely, unapologetically my Divine, Authentic self, because in my short time on this Earth, I have learnt, that by TRULY DEEPLY loving myself, I can allow others to also do the same, to learn, to EVOLVE, and let their inner light shine.
When spending time with others I have learnt to never judge. Staying in the moment and dedicating every part of myself and feeling the energy around me is the key. It allows me to “tune in” to anothers energy, another’s Soul and figure out exactly what is needed in that current moment for this person to feel comfortable and to “open” themselves to me and “connect” THIS is what makes me tick. It’s a very special, beautiful thing.
I have learnt that without other Humans, we will never learn about ourselves or Evolve. It’s through Human connection we can become a better version of ourselves, its the contrasting polarities, that at times can sometimes be very confronting that we are able to grow. Sometimes what we most dislike in others can be what we need to work on within ourselves the most.
When you understand that all this life really is, is energy, either light or dark- but both beautiful in it’s own Essence can life really be fulfilled. I find so many are searching for that “one thing” that will complete them- that extra million in the bank, the perfect partner or sex life, the baby, the body that is ripped and flawless.. it never ends. And it WILL NEVER end if we continue this thought pattern. I know. I’ve been there.

Put to the side all your problems and strip back the layers, take away the material world, the ego, and all we really are is the same. Vulnerable Souls whom are connecting with one another to “feel” something.
To Feel what?
Because it comes down, as I mentioned earlier- to energy. To Vibrate at high level, we must learn to let go of fear energy.
I’m sure you have experienced this on a daily basis, you meet someone, and they just seem to be so free, almost like their energy is so expansive it fills the room, and everyone is drawn to them, because they are so accepting of others and so, so ‘Open”.
When a person truly accepts and loves themselves, who doesn’t want to be around them? I don’t mean someone whom is projecting their “ego” “showy” selves, more so a quiet knowing, that all is well, and its “ok” to just be “me”. No agenda.
I know this because once upon a time I was very self conscious, insecure person. I had no love for myself and searched for that “thing” that would fix me.
I suffered massive anxiety, depression and self hate. I just could not seem to ever be “happy” but i did always know somewhere deep down, that there was much more to this lonely life I was living.
I studied and read, learnt to meditate, and understand that every little or big thought I had was creating my reality. I learnt to CHANGE my thoughts. To be present with the uncomfortable feelings and embrace them, to sit with the discomfort and from there to manifest a beautiful life.
I learnt to “let go” of toxic relationships within my work life and personal (this was the hardest part for me) and to “listen” to my gut instincts and intuition. I was gentle with myself, compassionate and treated myself with the love I would have for a small child or animal.
I realised everything I hated in myself was the things I needed to actually learn to adore the most. I learnt to “surrender”

It’s so easy to write all this and make out it can be achieved overnight. IT TOOK ME YEARS AND YEARS. I had huge ups, and huge downs, but it was all growth, and to this day i am still growing, learning and evolving. But I am at a place, where life is pretty darn special. I see the beauty in everything, the lesson and message in everyone I meet.
I FEEL a sense of expansiveness and can connect to LIFE.
Infact, the motto I live by is “LIFE LOVES ME!”
Because, the Universe is always listening ;)
I am still of course, only human, and I have my days, or sometimes a few days where my energy can drop, and I need to take some time out for myself to reconnect, put myself “away” and recharge- but knowing that I need this- shows to me growth, self love and care.
Something incredibly sacred to me, is when another Human tells me, because of me, they feel different, they feel growth in their lives and can see such positive changes because of my influence and light in their lives. This is truly WHAT MAKES MY WORLD. Not by rescuing another, but by being my own authentic self, and sharing my own knowledge have I allowed them to shine. I LOVE TO SEE OTHERS SUCCESS!
(As i write these words my heart gets all warm and my eyes teary- a beautiful feeling)
Other people doing well and thriving in their lives warms my heart. So long Answer short, this readers, is what get me out of bed in the morning.

All My love and light,
And remember,

Honey xoxoxoxo

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