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Isn’t it amazing how often we put others before our own happiness, love and care?
While i was doing my supermarket shopping, the other day, juggling my shopping bags, work phone, personal phone annnnd trying to apply lip balm, just in general trying to be a “superwoman” (i always refuse to get a trolley as i feel i can prove my human strength in the amount of shopping bags i can handle at one time…-don’t laugh- we have all been there! ;)

I suddenly felt a huge heaviness come over me, My body was talking to me- sllllloooowwwww the hell down and take some deep belly breaths. Everyone and everything, could at least wait 5 minutes.

I got to my car and sat for a while, closed my eyes and tuned into my body. Realising how so very tired i was, my head hurt, my back hurt, and my brain felt tired. I realised I had taken no time for myself lately and had been constantly working/travelling and training hard, with really not much time left in between only for sleep and food. (i never forget to eat, lol)

In this modern day society, being “busy” is somehow one of the most popular things to be these days. Always on the move, always “doing” and never really just “being”
I do find that Ironic as we are actually “HumanBeings” not ‘Humandoings” gee- wouldn’t that be an odd name ;)

It seems to be the holy grail of “making it” in which ever profession you choose-to be booked out in work, social life or events months in advance is what is sought after. It’s what makes us “Successful”
Don’t get me wrong, i am SO GRATEFUL to be successful at what i do, to be busy is awesome, but to be “balanced, happy and in alignment” is much more important to me.

Being so busy and making no time for self care, to me, is simply putting the most important person in your life (yourself) on the back burner- and literally saying to yourself “I don’t have time to love you”
“You are not enough, we need more, more, more”
Yes, by all means, you will have more Money, more material wealth, and maybe some more friends due to your out of control social life, but will it fulfil you? Will those relationships be deep and meaningfull when you are straining at that fancy new restaurant to keep your eyes open? Will that extra thousand or ten be worth it on the family Holiday when you can’t even muster the energy to go a walk on the beach as your so bone tired?
Stop running from yourself…..

I write this, as really a reminder to myself, to take that special time to nourish and love myself. Nourish myself from the inside out, as when my connection with self strengthens, so does everything in my life. My relationships go to the next level, my work life flows in more harmony and not chaos, i have a strong sense of self, i feel so deeply connected with all that is, that any anxieties i did have in my rush are now gone, because they never really existed in the first place.
They were created by living in the future and not the beautiful, present moment.
Clarity comes, Peace is felt.

I even noticed it in some of my beloved Clients, walking in the door, stressed as anything, and already thinking/planning what they needed to do/be after they had spent their “allotted” time with me.
Now, something i adore in my work, is connecting with my clients on quite a deep level (if they are wanting and willing) but its difficult to to this when the human brain is not calm nor in the present moment. To feel real “joy” we must come into the “now”
I have been actually taking my clients (whom are interested) through some basic tantric breathing techniques and relaxation meditation to really slow us both down. To Breaaaatttthhhheeeee, be intimate, its wonderful!

Next time you get that coffee to go and race off to your next meeting, I challenge you to take it to the park and plonk your bum on the grass for 10-20 mins (just make sure your not wearing white pants) ;) Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, imagining it as a golden calming light, going into your nose, head, throat, lungs, tummy, filling your ribs and allllll the way down into your pelvis and down your legs, calming, soothing and filling your body with love and nourishment. When you exhale, imagine breathing out any stress or yuck energy that may be festering within, keep breathing deeply like this for as long as you can, each time your mind wanders, gently bring your awareness back to your breath. sit with that wonderful energy in your heart space and then, when your ready, go about your day, but try to go “slower” you will notice some wonderful things you may have not before…..

I guess I wrote this blog to reach out to anyone that feels this way. That feels like “Life” is feeling maybe a little over rated.
Life is wonderful! but its meant to be enjoyed!
Full of light heartedness, laughter, Joy and LOVE!

Im sending you much love and Light
Honey xoxoxox

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