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I thought I would take the time to write a love not to you all, as I haven’t in a very long time. I took a little time off to dream, muse and reflect. That’s essentially what I’ll write about today, the concept of time, who we spend it with and the way in which is passes.

During the sometimes humid often dry summer months in my day dreams I’ve considered the idea of ‘recharging’ and what this means to different people. I often think that there isn’t enough time made in the present for people to place importance on connecting with one another. Eye contact, open body language, walking down the street with a smile, all can make such a difference. In this incredibly fast paced sphere often we feel guilty for ‘not doing enough’ and this can often translate into ‘not having enough.’

Something I’ve tried to embrace lately is the idea of living with greater focus on the present so as to treasure the time spent as it passes. I also hope that this translates into the experiences that I’d like to have with lovers. Observing others teaches me a lot about my own desires and I believe it is a key to knowledge.

Don’t get me wrong; I love a fast paced luxury life style. It’s thrilling to jump on a plane, speedboat, super yacht (a sleigh maybe?) and race towards a new adventure. There is nothing like the idea and the thrill of the new. On the other end of the spectrum, nothing compares to the feeling of familiarity of spend time with the people you’ve gotten to know more intimately over time. I like returning to places that have imbued me with fond memories, usually created alongside particularly delightful company. I also like to return to lovers who’s desires I know well.

Living life in the fast lane is exciting. Sometimes though, I also love to live slowly. Consider the immediate moment more. I think this translates perfectly to sensual encounters. I love the time spent with my precious people. Escaping routine, falling into the joy of erotic passion can make time pass so differently.

I eroticism sustains life’s greater work. When I am with lovers, I put down the phone, turn off screens and we create secret, sensual worlds together. I think slowing down time and pouring energy into the present is what gives us the energy to sustain passions, hopes and dreams.

Life should be like a work of art. The world you devise should be put together carefully, like mis-en-scene of a Hitchock film. It takes time to consider all the elements. I like to do this by making a montage in my diary that features important pockets of bliss are created. If I can be some one’s slice of heaven away from hectic, bustle of the world, then that would continue to make me happy for years to come.

After all, when we are about to expire, it is those who contribute to the constellation of our experience that we remember most. I hope that some day I will get to contribute to yours.

Xx Holly T

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