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The inspiration for this journal entry is because some one recently told me that sex and music and the two biggest stress relievers. I also think music, more so than other art form has a universal language, which is why an arousing, evocative or sensual song can connects people intimately in a powerful way.

We are blessed with five senses so that we may enjoy a fully sensual experience that touches on all the edges. I’m not just talking about sex, this also applies to other sensory delightful experiences, like traveling to a new place (new sights, sounds smells) or sampling a new cuisine. Touch, taste, sight, sound, smell are all very important in giving pleasure. Many people live without one, two or three of these senses and still have amazingly sensual lives. I don’t specifically want to discuss that specifically.

I think that the most memorable things one can take away from an encounter with an escort is how she made you feel. To me of late, this seems like the culmination of a delightful sensory experience, which moved you (physically and psychologically) It doesn’t have to be super deep. But everyone just wants to feel something right?

When it comes to creating an experiences (which is what I think escorts do, create a brilliant overall sensual experience). One of the things that I believe is very important to a great sensual experience is sound. Of course, you want to be attracted to the sight of the person you’re getting intimate with, but lately I’ve come to the conclusion that sound has a much huger impact than I ever considered before. Hearing another persons pleasure is of course lovely, who doesn’t like to hear some one moan or sigh under their ministration? In addition to this, I think music is very transportive and can play a big part in seduction and arousal.

So, in light of this, I thought I’d share with you my top five favorite songs that at present, I like to play to get into the mood.

1.) Donna Summer - Love to Love You Baby - Donna is the queen of disco, a style icon and amazing all round talent, the lyrics to all her numbers are super sexual and I love it.
2.) Childish Gambino - Redbone - I want to watch some one strip to this song, preferably wearing a seventies vintage fur (fake) stole, and a macrame bikini, while smoking a cigar? Is that too much?
3.) Down In Mexico - The Coasters I could be associating the scene lap dance scene in Quenti Tarentino’s Deathproof with this particular track, but I also do think the latin
4.) Needed Me - Rihanna | Anti is a completely sexual powerful album where Queen Rihana is a force. Obviously ‘Sex With Me’ is a close second.
5.) Nancy Sinatra - These Boots are Made for walking - I am really into knee high boots and I think Nancy has a sexy voice, need I say more?

I know that music is totally relative to taste and choice, but I think it is very interesting to discover what one finds sexy. So, with that, I might begin making a new playlist, for a certain time of the evening.

Until next time,

xx Holly Trinity

P.S - The accompanying images are of me and my doubles partner Annabelle Mason.

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