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Everyone has their different reasons why they do what they do, what drives them and motivates them and makes them happy...
So I thought I'd share mine here...

I have tried a fair few things in my short-ish amount of time on this planet...Some things are just for a while and some things feel like they are a bigger part of my life, part of my reason for being here- escorting is one of the latter.

While music is a big thing in my life and helps me express and connect to people and to myself, so does sex. And where else can you get a chance to jump straight in and explore intimate fantasies with others, to give another person pleasure and explore sex and sexual pleasures, to build communication skills and pleasure giving skills- and then use them to help others achieve new heights of pleasure?

I love the motto be the change you wish to see in the world. And through offering these services i get to enjoy myself and bring relaxation, confidence and pleasure to others.
Life can be short and there can be so many demands on us, or so much we want to get done.
I see myself as lucky and privileged to be able to spend snippets of time with others and talk about whatever we like, escape the world for a second and recharge by focussing on what makes us feel good.

I've got much more I can write on this topic, but I will leave it there for now!

Xx Hayley

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