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It can feel like an impossible challenge to know where and how and with whom to dip your toe into this delectable world, where it feels that any and every delight is at your fingertip, and yet just out of reach. The more our lives have pushed us online, the more disconnected I find myself feeling, the more often I hear from clients, friends, whispers on social media, that people feel isolated, disconnected, unsure of where they fit into the world. So what can I offer as a balm to this weird, wired world? Simply, myself. I am not for everyone, nor do I aim to be. I am fiery, flirtatious, prone to bursts of laughter, tickled pink at the simplest pleasures.

I will always meet you where you're at. I am unapologetically myself, and that is a woman who is curious, kind and unwavering in her desire to get to the point, cut to the chase. I won't dance around pretence. I will speak my mind. I hope you'll feel safe to do so too. I'm comfortable and at ease in myself, but still human. If I am not treated with respect and good faith, you may feel that you're butting up against a wall. For this reason, the clients who find me, tend to find a fast friend. Do you feel that you dance to a different drum, you have never quite found your people, or you know - have always known - that you are a little bit quirky, a little bit left of centre? Let's be weird together.

I am here because the many tangled paths I've walked, the crossroads, wrong turns, sheer luck, happy trails and windy seas have led me here, to a place where I am at ease in my skin, and I delight in the company of others. It is a common thing to hear that people in this profession cherish crossing paths with those they might otherwise never meet - I am strongly in this camp (although the stories you will be privy to as we get to know one another may give you a glimpse into the fact that I am, always have been, destined to mix and mingle with the light-hearted, curious spirits of this world).

My eyes are open, and I long to spend time with those who feel the same. Don't linger too long online, come say hello.

xx Gwen

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