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Currently reading: We Too Are Drifting by Gale Wilhelm
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This past week in Melbourne had a few stifling hot days, those signature events that stretch out into the night, evening air hanging heavy, sticky and thick and heat that is hard to escape. I've taken the opportunity to go swimming every day, in creeks and streams near my home. The electric calm that overcomes my body when I'm in water stays with me for days, a summer euphoria that lightens my step and lets me see life in a different light. Living in cities, travelling from city to city on business trips, it's so easy to lose touch with nature, but nature is always there waiting to welcome us back. All we have to do is look, listen, breathe.

Have you ever been to the desert? Seen the stars erupting from the ever-deepening blue-black sky? Wondered, lost for words, at the smallness and the vastness those twinkling lights inspire in you? The longer I spend in the city, the stronger the yearning to go bush again, leave the city lights behind to favour the places and the people you can meet traversing the long open plains of this country.

Do you know how chubby and low the moon hangs as it rises over the eastern hills of the Great Dividing Range, all up and down the east coast of Australia? I often wonder, does the moon get even bigger when it rises over mountains that would make the low Australian hills be lost in shadows? I often wonder how different the moon looks to each person as it circles its way around the world.

I love art is for it's capacity to stir up similar emotions as that of the natural world. A capacity to ignite a sense of something immutable, unknowable, being laid out in plain sight. It can be found in grand public works, the criss cross of beams on a bridge, or in the curve of a river bend, in the intricate lace work on a gown hand-stitched by a team craftspeople, in wordplay, and melodic leaps, in street fashion and the play of light on the water at sunset on western seas.

What landscape lives in your heart? What place awakens that deep sense of nostalgia, that toe-tingling feeling of home in you?

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