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Shortcuts for tapping into your pleasure centre: a hedonist's guide

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For so many of us day to day pressures can keep us stuck in survival mode, always scrambling to get things done, racing to stay ahead of deadlines, work and family responsibilities. It can mean that the few hours you manage to set aside to see your favourite escort can feel like stolen time. Who else finds it hard to switch off when there are reports to be written, plans to be finalised, calls and emails to be returned? It can mean that most Knowing how to tap into your pleasure centre is easy as pie, if you understand how to engage your senses.

In my other life, I have a simple rule when I take meetings: no business talk until my coffee arrives. It's a chance to give pause, build rapport and centre ourselves briefly before diving into Real Talk, and it makes for more productive discussions. "Your long black, ma'am..." The heat through the porcelain against my cool palms, the heady aroma wafting up as the first bitter notes give way to undertones of chocolate, berries, citrus on my tongue, the warmth rolling down my throat and settling in my belly before radiating out across my whole body... Yes, now we can talk business.

So what's my secret? I am a joyful creature, and this joy stems from an ability to engage with my senses. I delight in smells, sounds, textures and tastes. I notice harmonious spaces, complementary and contrasting colours in the outfits of pedestrians in the city. Springtime: as evenings begin to warm down, and the first wafts of jasmine erupting at dusk, my whole body feels electric.

The ability to immerse yourself in your surroundings equips you with an ability to dive into an experience with a full-bodied joy. The secret to euphoria is at your fingertips. Mindfulness, present-mindedness: they're just new age ways of saying "Use your senses and notice what is pleasant."

Perhaps you'll notice the scent of a jasmine candle that recalls electrifying nights in Hyderabad one summer you spent abroad, the cool soft feeling of fine bed linen against your skin, the salty-sweet taste of a caramel truffle that is so like a lover's kiss (a preview of what's to come), rain on the rooftop creating a gentle rhythm. Each time your senses are sparked, you trigger off parts of your brain that allow you to fully immerse yourself in an experience. The more you relax into your body, the more completely your body can be aroused. You start to focus less on the destination and realise that ecstasy starts building from the first glimpse of my photo, to the gentle scent of my perfume as I greet you at the door with soft kiss, to the first sip of your favourite drink as you settle into a plush couch...

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let's alight our senses together.

Written to you in the dappled sunshine of my front porch, over two cups of hot coffee, as the magpies caw and lorikeets parrot to one another.

Yours in ecstasy

xx Gwen

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