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Yes, I'm gifted at anticipating your needs and finding your pleasure points, but there's only so deep we can go in an hour, or in a single meeting.

I cherish longer bookings and ongoing relationships with clients because it allows us to get to know one another, find our rhythm, develop muscle memory with each others bodies. The truth is: no matter how sublime my blowjob skills, or how explosive our initial chemistry, pleasure deepens with practice, and with rapport that grows over time.

When prompted: a lot of people find it hard to articulate what actually turns them on. I understand our time together has its beginning and its end. I hope with all my clients I'm able to leave them with fond, delicious, erotic memories of ecstasy-filled time together, but I also hope I can help clients to better understand their own needs and desires, and how to incorporate those into time spent with lovers and escorts.

The more I have grown to understand my own pleasure, the better I am able to tap into it. This extends so far beyond the bedroom. The joy of a memorable lover is discovering new ways to experience the world.

I'm a glutton for delight. I will say this time and time again.

My screening process is brief but necessary. It allows me to conduct my business in a way that feels comfortable and safe for me. It's an invitation to mutual trust and respect I hope clients see it as the beginning of open and clear communication. Investing in this small exchange will open up a world of unfettered joy.

Don't be afraid to seek out pleasure for pleasure's sake. It's the greatest honour, to be trusted to help another person explore this.

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