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dear diary: the beginning of saskia rose

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Dear diary, todays entry is going to be all about how i got into this line of work.

It all started when i was 21 and dancing to earn money to pay for university. at first it was fun and i earned a good amount but after 2 months of dancing i found myself not wanting to go anymore. I drove 2 hours to the club and sometimes once i got there i'd stay for an hour and leave as soon as i made enough to cover the parking lot and then id drive the 2 hours home. I started to wonder why this was happening and why i was always so tired and even my mother pointed out that she can see the toll dancing is taking on my beauty. she said in a loving way that i looked tired and not like my usual self. I took this as a sign that dancing was not the right path for me and i'd have to find another way to pay for my degree.

thats when i looked into escorting at 22 and i've never looked back. through escorting i'm not up at all hours of the night and I have a life. I get to meet so many wonderful respectful men through this job and it helps me be stress free when it comes to money. for that i am thankful :)

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