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Dear Diary - disappointed by the reviews made about me on Punter planet.

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Dear diary,

Today I came across a lovely review written by a first time client of mine that I had the pleasure of seeing during my last Sydney tour.
The review was very lovely but as I continued to read the further comments made by men that I had not seen before stating things such as ' with my price natural services should be included, I am "scaring men away", 'for that price no guy wants a Girlfriend Experience', 'Girlfriend experience should include natural services', ' other girls offer natural services for $100 extra and only charge $350 the hour'.

As you can imagine reading these comments are upsetting, seeing as I have my reasons for not offering natural services which I will now explain for those of you who do not understand.

- It is illegal in QLD for any kind of natural service to be provided. (I understand that these services are legal in some states, however, QLD has strong legislation to protect us as well as our clients from STDs, unlike Sydney where they only recommend the use of protection for any service.)

- Regardless of laws, this will never be a service I provide as I care about my client's health the same way I do my own. (Most men are not aware of the STDs that can be transmitted to them through oral sex such as Herpes, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and HPV. Herpes and HPV are for life and you will transmit it to your wife or partner.)

- Please keep in mind that girls who do choose to offer this service are usually fulltime prostitutes rather than someone who chooses this job in order to pay for university so they can begin their career, Like me.

When it comes to my prices, they are set, based on the value I see myself as. After having asked a few of my regular clients if they would appreciate me lowering the prices for outcalls to $800 the hour so that they have the option as well as accommodate those who can not afford $1000 the hour for incall. I want my clients to enjoy themselves without feeling as though they can't see me for certain periods of time because they can not afford $1000 frequently. Unfortunately, incall prices have to stay $1000 the hour due to high hotel prices. I only book the best hotels for my clients so lowering my price for incall just isn't an option. I am now leaving my prices as they are. They will not go any higher or lower from this day onwards.

I hope this has cleared up any misunderstandings.

-Saskia x

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