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I love being a woman. In fact, not just a woman, but a sensual, feminine woman.

I am always impeccably dressed. This is who I am and how I would like to present myself to the world. It comes naturally for me to dress appropriately for any occasion because I know my body very well and I enjoy the admiration and attention I receive when I go out. I am often complimented on my beauty and elegance, even by strangers.

I love the feeling of the smooth slippery silk or luxuriously soft cashmere directly against my body without any underwear in the way. The soft material lightly brushing against my nipples, arousing and sensual, often puts me in a feminine mood.

I also love wearing a set of delicate lacey lingerie under my dress. It’s like a little secret that only I know, just how pretty I am “within and without”.

I have come to the realisation that I enjoy sex very much, much more than what my culture allows me to enjoy. In my mind sex is exciting, joyful, passionate, and loving all in one.

I love the build-up prior to sex, the small talk, the tease, the laughter, and the feeling of desire growing inside me. It makes me want more of the intimacy, the foreplay, the exploration of each other’s body and the experience of different sensual delights.

For me, there is no set formula for sex. I go by how I feel when I encounter a gentleman. I move with the level of communication and intimacy that develops between us.

Take me out for a date! Let me explore your mind and body and you can explore mine.

I am excited to have my next adventure with you…


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